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Becoming a 4word member means that you join a group of real, passionate, and faithful women who understand the challenges of balancing a career, relationships, and faith. Connect with this active group of Christian leaders in the workplace to build a Global Community and BE BOLD in our pursuit of living out God’s plan for us.

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4word women desire to use their collective power to CHANGE THE WORLD through their God-given callings and faith in their backyards, boardrooms, cubicles, churches and communities. Our Member Insiders, Local Groups, and Mentor Program Participants value excellence, honesty, authenticity, prayer, grace-filled conversations, no judgment, and respect for diverse perspectives and each woman’s unique God-calling.


4word: Member Insider

First Year: Cost $99.99

30% goes directly to your Local Group
(Renewal rate is automatically $59.99)

Member Insider Benefits:

  • Inclusion in 4word: Membership Directory, an online resource for connecting real, passionate, faithful 4word members.*
  • One (1) hour of free coaching with a 4word Coach.  Once a member, you will be sent a request for more information to best pair you with a coach.   *Effective with new members as of July 15, 2017.
  • Free access to 4word Group Networking within Who@’s “WishList” – a business networking service helping advance business interests by matching two professionals, currently in beta testing.
  • wishlistExclusive access to 4word: Corporate Connect, Business-to-Business Directory and the discounts that these companies provide to 4word members (coming Fall 2017)*
  • Exclusive access to 4word: Speakers Bureau, a listing of vetted local and national speakers for your 4word Local Group meetings or otherwise. (coming Fall 2017)*
  • 1 copy of an Autographed Work, Love, Pray by 4word Founder and President, Diane Paddison
  • 1 copy of The companion Work, Love, Pray Study Guide
  • Access to the online 4word Member Resource Library of articles, blogs, videos, and additional features
  • Regular 4word Leadership Program material via email
  • Exclusive access to our members-only Job Connections Board: 4word connects you to job opportunities, from entry-level to the C-Suite, with reputable firms through a private introduction
  • Additional member rates on other 4word events and products

*Note: New features


4word: Mentor Program

Mentees: Starting at $249

15% goes directly to your Local Group
Member will be able to use or “gift” the mentor program.

Mentor Program Benefits:

  • As a Mentee you automatically become a MEMBER INSIDER (FREE for the 1st year) plus
  • The 4word Mentor Program facilitates a reciprocal and collaborative learning relationship between two women who share mutual responsibility and accountability to help a mentee work toward her professional, personal and spiritual goals.
  • Member Insider Renewal annual rate is automatically $59.99 per year
  • 4word endeavors to help mentees more fully understand and appreciate what God has created them to do through the integration of their gifts, strengths and passions.
  • 4word: Mentor Program is available for one of the three mentor sessions during the calendar year. The mentor package can be used or gifted to another potential mentee. Read More FAQs about our Mentor Program
  • As a Mentee you will gain personalized insight for your career, relationships, and faith through 6 sessions over 10 weeks (phone, video or face-to-face).
  • As a Mentor you can help prepare the next generation of women professionals as they launch careers, forge relationships, and find a community of believers for the road ahead.
    (Note: Membership is not required, but preferred to be a Mentor)

4word: Subscriber


Subscriber Benefits:

  • Access to the online 4word Member Resource Library of articles, blogs, videos, and additional features
  • Regular 4word Leadership Program material via email


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