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What does a 4word Local Group look like?

A Local Group connects professional Christian women at gatherings focused on growing authentic, life-changing relationships with each other and with God.

  • Local Groups are led by professional women who are a part of the community and also have a desire for other professional women in their cities to find community. They are open to any woman who would desire to participate.
  • They use flexible formats – luncheons with speakers, round table discussions, studies, and social events- to build and strengthen the community of women.
  • They specifically address challenges unique to the professional Christian woman such as integrating her faith in her many roles, vocation and calling, spiritual identity, and practical challenges such as balance and communication at work.

4word supports Local Group leaders by providing leadership, partnerships, material for gatherings, leader team training and development, tools for operating, among many other assets.

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We believe professional women are influential leaders in their family, place of work, church, and community. Our mission is to connect you with other like-minded women, lead you, and support you so that you can live and lead vibrantly in your world.

The Local Groups host speakers, studies, and social gatherings to: » Grow your career » Grow your faith » Grow your network & community

As you can see, we are a group of women committed to challenging ourselves and impacting our communities.

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What women are saying about 4word Local Groups!

“I have enjoyed every one of our guest speakers and developed a relationship with God during the small groups in a way I have never been able to do before.”
– Emily, Los Angeles

“4word has been such a blessing for me in just the right time in my life. It is bringing me back to a place of pressing into the gifts that God has given me as a working, professional woman.”
– Mary Clare, Dallas

“Through 4word, I’ve approached my work a lot differently. I’ve come at it with a lot more confidence than I had before. I know now that it’s okay to be really skillful at what I do and to love what I do [at work].”
– Maria, Portland

What happens when 8 fun, smart professional women in Dallas team up to put on an event to launch a 4word Local Group? Over 75 women show up for lunch, a speaker and to support a good cause. While the Dallas group had been meeting for over a year around a board room table to talk about what it’s like to excel at work, love their families and grow in their faith, they knew there were so many professional women in the area that would love to connect further. As women, we love to be invited – especially to lunch with inspiring and passionate women. The Dallas Group will be meeting quarterly for larger networking events with a speaker, as well as continuing to have monthly conversations around the board room table. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area, they would love to have you join them! Tanya, Heidi, Allison, MaryClare, Megan, Lucy, Brenda, and Rachelle are a committed group of women who are changing the landscape for the professional woman in Dallas.


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