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Ceitci Demirkova 4-Book Bundle

Ceitci Demirkova

All proceeds directed to 4word.

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Ceitci Demirkova 4-Book Bundle


This bundles includes If You Have God & A Cup of Inspiration Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Plus 2 Bonus CD’s of A Cup of Inspiration Vol. 1 & 2.


A Cup of Inspiration Vol. 1,2,3

21-day devotional books for all ages. A Cup of Inspiration reaches into God’s Well, The Bible, and offers you vital keys on how to experience God’s power in your daily life and amidst crises. Each article is like a small sip that will revive your spirit and awaken in you greater passion for Christ. It takes one word of inspiration to activate the power that carries you through to the other side of your dream. Here is your “cup!” Let’s drink!


If You Have God (autobiography)

This is an autobiography of Ceitci’s life during and after the fall of Communism in Bulgaria. It is filled with miraculous stories of God’s love and care for every person.

As you journey through the pages you will gain new understanding and insights into the reality of life under Communism. The book is filled with many testimonies from the day Jesus rescued Ceitci, to recent events. As you read it, you will come to a greater understanding of how to apply the Word of God and how to overcome the “impossibilities” in your life.


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