Our Members

“It's so refreshing to have another way to connect with Christian women -- specifically those who are building careers.”
- Anne

“You are doing an amazing job ,and the young women I have sent are greatly enjoying everything too! This is a felt need and honors God. I speak and pray continued favor and blessing over all you are doing.”
- Kelly

"I was so excited to see 4wordwomen on Twitter. I have been praying for resources and connections to other young ambitious Christian women. This is a wonderful and extremely necessary organization."
- Yvette

"These girls have become some of my closest friends in Portland. We have a common goal, a common faith and a common life situation."
- Katie

“I want to thank you for creating such an amazing group. I have enjoyed every one of our guest speakers and developed a relationship with God during the small groups in a way I have never been able to do before. I feel such a strong connection and sisterhood with the women at 4word, and it pains me to leave the group at such an exciting time. I have developed some great relationships that I will maintain for a lifetime.”
- Emily

“What 4word really started to do was enable me to talk about my faith more, create a community and make me feel like I’m not 'the only one.' ”

“4word for me has been impactful just in giving me confidence about being a young professional Christian woman, that it’s okay and it’s great, and it’s actually a really unique selling point as a person. And so I just have found myself in a much better place with a happier overall picture for life.”

“Through 4word, I’ve approached my work a lot differently. I’ve come at it with a lot more confidence than I had before. I know now that it’s okay to be really skillful at what I do and to love what I do.”

“With 4word I experience lots of different kinds of community, but the most beneficial aspect for me has been finding a group of about 10 women who I have created really strong intentional bonds with. A year into being in 4word, of my close group of friends I can easily say 80% of them are women that I met here, because they’re people who just “get me.” They understand where I’m at, including my struggles at work and my struggles in my relationships, and also my struggles with trying to grow in my faith. I don’t have to hide any part of my life. I don’t have to make anything smaller or minimize anything, I can just be me.”

"I love the 4word website. I’ve already shared it with some friends in the same situation as me. I know so many amazing women of God really praying for this type of ministry, fellowship and comfort. Thank you again for what you are doing for the Kingdom. It’s so needed, and so very powerful. I’m blessed to have met you and found 4word!"
- Tracy

“I would like to say to you that 4word has been such a blessing for me in just the right time in my life. It is bringing me back to a place of pressing into the gifts that God has given me as a working, professional woman. I get so energized to hear about all of the ways that this organization is expanding and touching the lives of so many women across the country. I am thankful for having been introduced to 4word.”
- Mary-Clare

“You are doing amazing work to support women around the country. I am honored to support your work!”
- Charity