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Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve had an exciting week here at 4word. We’ve been rolling out some new features on our Facebook page, including a giveaway for our Facebook fans. Congratulations to Lori Koons on winning a free copy of Work, Love, Pray! If you missed out on that contest, don’t worry. We have more planned. Just like us on Facebook to stay in the loop.

Online Book Club Begins Tuesday, November 8
If you own a copy of Work, Love, Pray, you probably noticed that Diane ended each chapter with a list of discussion questions. That’s because we want you to think through the topics Diane discusses in the book and, better yet, talk them through with a group of friends. We realize that many of you may not know that many other young, professional Christian women. That’s why we’ve decided to host an online book club.

Susan DiMickele, whose book we reviewed a couple of weeks ago, will be leading the discussion. The book club will “meet” here on the blog every Tuesday, beginning November 8. Our plan is to cover a couple of chapters each week. Susan will post her thoughts about that week’s chapters to get the discussion started, and you are all invited to take it from there. You don’t have to register or sign up to participate. Just show up and share your thoughts in the blog comments!

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Our theme next week will be “work.” On Monday, we’ll hear from Diane about how to live out your faith well at work (remember the “one cross” rule?) Then, on Wednesday, we’ll interview Susan DiMickele, author of Chasing Superwoman, about how she integrates her faith and her work and about her vision for our online book club.