What are you thankful for?

Hello there! In case you haven’t noticed, our blog this week is Thanksgiving themed. A tradition that my family started several years ago is to go around the table before we eat our Thanksgiving dinner and share something we are thankful for. I thought I’d take a fun twist on that tradition for this week’s Wednesday interview, so we asked our readers and the 4word leadership team to tell us what you’re thankful for this holiday season. Here are the responses we’ve received.


“I saw your post on your blog about sharing what I am thankful for. I am thankful for one more day on God’s creation.  For each breath I take each moment of each day.  For a roof over my head, food on my table.  For my husband, my three little girls and for being saved by grace.” Melissa Waters

“I am writing in response to the “What are you thankful for” post. I am thankful for living in a country where I have the freedom to express my religious beliefs, and have opportunities to succeed regardless of my gender or social standing. We are so blessed to have common luxuries that we typically take for granted. “Giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Ephesians 5:20” Shannon Maloney

“Reconnecting with family; having been blessed with great work; this big dog laying next to me blissfully snoring and chasing rabbits; new friendships and great conversation; God’s lessons that came in big waves this year; hill country cabins; beautiful sunsets; the discovery of cake balls; and my new cowboy boots.” Stacy Repult

“This year, I am unbelievably grateful for the hospitality of friends and family during my long job search. I am also grateful that God is a patient, loving Father who does not give me what I think I want but rather what He knows I need. He does not let me settle for less than His best for me.” Amy Wilson

“I am thankful to have two wonderful sisters who are patient, caring and supportive.  They are home to take care of our parents, which allows me to do the things that I do in the military.  I am thankful to have Godly friends in my life to help me walk towards God.” Carolyn Mai

“I am so thankful to God for blessing me with the opportunity to pursue my passion that God has prepared me for over the past fifty years. He has called me to found 4word and write “Work, Love, Pray.”; but, for me the real blessing is the women who have joined me in this pursuit and in affecting other women. My life has been touched positively by each person I have had a chance to work with and meet. I am very thankful!” Diane Paddison

“I’m thankful for the security and safe place I have in a God who loves me unconditionally, 9 years (on Tuesday) married to my long-prayed-for husband, the miracle of my children, work I love, dear friends.” Betsy Gray

“I am thankful for a God that is continually faithful and provides abundantly. I am also thankful for my amazing husband who is so supportive and helpful. (He even cleans the dishes!) My church, the people I work with and my mom have also been a great source of encouragement during a big transition time in my life (moving to a totally new area and getting married).” Amanda Battaglia

“I’m thankful for God, His gifts of family, friends, employment, and education. (I love to learn!) So very much is packed into that little list. Happy Thanksgiving!” Laura Groves


And now it’s your turn. What are you thankful for this year? We believe that, no matter what your circumstances are, there is always something you can be grateful for. Leave your response in the comments, and, in closing, happy Thanksgiving everyone!