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How to Date a Guy Who Is Totally into You!
On Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 12 p.m. CDT, w2wlink will host a one-hour webinar, presented by Nina Atwood, host of Nina will cover the following topics:

Interested? You can register here. You’ll be in great company, too. Stacy Repult, one of our board members, will be attending. We’re eager to hear what Stacy and the rest of you learn.

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Our blog theme next week will be “love.” We’ll be talking specifically about singleness.
Monday: Diane will talk about healthy dating and work.
Tuesday: Our online book club continues with a discussion of Chapters 10 – 12.
Wednesday: We interview Justine Green, a young woman in New York City, about what she’s learned in a three-year “dating dry period.”