Friday Favorites

Last Minute Christmas Helper
There are only nine shopping days left until Christmas, but before you begin to panic about all the gifts you have to buy and ship, let us help you out.

Around the Blogosphere
And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Here are some of the best pray-themed blogs from this week.

Up Next
Our theme next week is “work.”
Monday: We have an early Christmas present for you: a word from one of our newest 4word team members, Stacy Repult! And speaking of presents, Stacy will offer practical tips on buying Christmas gifts for your co-workers.
Tuesday: We finish up our online book club with a discussion of the last three chapters (16 – 18) of Work, Love, Pray.
Wednesday: We interview singer Jaime Jamgochian about how she became a musician and find out what her favorite Christmas song is.