Friday Favorites

Hello and welcome to Friday, ladies! We’ve got another great set of blogs to recommend for you today, so we’ll get right to it. But first…

The Funny Video of the Week
By now you’ve probably heard of Schmoyoho and their Auto Tune the News series. This one isn’t the news, but it’s fitting for Valentine’s Day. It’s an auto-tune of some girl’s fake E-Harmony introduction video, and it’s just plain hilarious.


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Up Next
Since next week is Valentine’s week, our theme will be “love” again, and we’ll feature our guest blogger, Stacy Repult, again.
Monday: Stacy gets honest about every single girl’s struggle: wanting “to just be loved by a man.”
Tuesday: It’s a Valentine’s Day special! Stacy talks about being single… without the “gift of singleness.”
Wednesday: We talk to Stacy about which of those six ways she reacts to Valentine’s Day and how her perspective on the holiday has changed over the years.