Hijacking Valentine’s Day

So, how do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

Or maybe I should say, “The Valentines season.”

This time of year has a way of driving people to extremes.  You rarely find anyone who says they’re ambivalent about Valentine’s day.  And you certainly can’t ignore it!  The store shelves have been stocked with red and pink chocolates for weeks, flower delivery ads are everywhere, and jewelry commercials shout from the TV: Do you love her????  DO YOU???? Then you’d better buy her this necklace! This ring! This charm bracelet!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against the holiday, I actually quite enjoy Valentine’s with Chris, but all the associated hype can be tiring. And stressful! All the build-up to “the most romantic day of the year,” can really put a strain on couples (which is probably why so many couples seem to break up before and after February 14).  If you’re single, it can be downright depressing.

So, how to handle it?

I know some women who dive in with both feet, romantics through and through.  Others seem to want to wage war on poor Cupid. One young couple I know “lovingly abstains” from Valentine’s Day altogether.

I say, make Valentine’s your own.  All the hype aside, it’s just a day, after all.  You get to decide how to use it.  Christ wants us to love him, love our spouses, our families, and our neighbors every day of the year. So let February 14 be a reminder to honor those you love, or simply to bring a smile to those you like, or do something loving for someone you don’t even know.

Write a sweet note to someone (anyone) you love.

Sing a loud round (or two) of Taylor Swift’s Love Story while driving to work.

Bring your bible study group old-school valentines complete with cartoon characters and goofy sayings.

Volunteer at your local senior center.

Buy someone’s groceries for them in the check-out line.

It’s your Valentine’s Day, not Cupid’s, or Hollywood’s, or even Hallmark’s. What will you make of it?