Practical Steps to a Stronger Faith

Have you established goals in the area of faith for this year?setting goals for your faith 2013

In a way, setting goals for your faith seems redundant. Shouldn’t we always be striving for our best when it comes to our relationship with God? Yes! But we all know it’s easy to get distracted when we’re pulled in multiple directions between faith, family, romance, work, and other time commitments.

Goal setting can help keep you on track with your priorities. But to be effective, your faith goals need to be specific and achievable.

Something vague like “trust God more,” won’t be terribly helpful. If you ultimately want to trust God more, focus on practical steps that naturally lead you there. A few examples that could help:

Setting (and sticking to) specific goals like this allocates your time and keeps you grounded in your relationship with God.

One faith-related goal of mine this year is to stay more grounded in the Word each day. Since I’m not great at personal Bible study, I’ve made some practical decisions to help me reach this goal:


What practical steps will you take to make time for faith this year? (Sharing your ideas or goals here is a great first step!)