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Happy Friday, 4word women! Check out our favorite articles from the past week, including the February Favorites from the 4word team!

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Check out the trailer for the movie Son of God, in theaters today! Click here for information on showtimes and tickets.

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Team Monthly Favorites

Ashley Diaz, Social Media 


If you’re like me, you may have forgotten a time or two to pick up food for your pet on the way home from work. Worry no more with Now my dog’s food gets shipped right to my front door, and with the autoship option I never have to worry about running out again. Nothing easier than over 300+ brands for dogs and cats, great prices, and super fast shipping right at your fingertips!


Amy WilsonSocial Media Consultant
Favorite: Suave Moroccan Infusion Weightless Dry Shampoo


Let’s face it. Some mornings, you don’t have the time or the energy to go through the whole routine of shampoo, condition, blow dry, style with your hair. Enter dry shampoo, one of my favorite morning time-savers. I know there are a host of more expensive dry shampoos on the market, but I’ve tried those AND I’ve tried the Suave version. It works just as well, and it’s less expensive. What’s not to love?


Sandra Crawford Williamson,COO
Favorite: Son of God


This month, I am eager to take my 8 year old, Jenna, to see Son of God, the amazing new movie by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey that is the follow-up to their The Bible series.  It will be the first time Jenna has been old enough to see such a realistic narrative of Jesus’ life, and I can’t think of a better way for her to learn about the love Jesus has for her.  Son of God will provide us with quality family time and discussion: a win-win!


Cindi Pritchett, Writer and Editor
Favorite: Heart mug set


This fun little set has made mornings a little cheerier this month. Besides being perfect for Valentine’s day, I enjoy the daily reminder to love during other times of the year as well. For a similar set, click here.


Jordan JohnstoneCopywriter
Favorite: Contigo water bottle 


I scored this water bottle (and its brother) on Black Friday at Target. At the time my goal was to use it as motivation to drink more water. Little did I know how well it would work! The measurements on the side help me track how much water I’m consuming, and it is not unusual for me to refill this bad boy at least four times a day!


Betsy Gray, Graphic Designer 
Favorite: Imagination Soup


With two kids on iPods, we’re always looking for tested, safe games and apps. After discovering unsavory features even on games rated for our children’s age level – a fashion app whose characters drink and date, shared games that nearby users can access and post inappropriate messages – I found Melissa Taylor, a Denver mom blogger. She posted a curated list of science, math, creativity, and books apps in “Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved App Guide for Kids”.


Trina Lee, 4word Mentor Program Coordinator 
Favorites: The Brilliance and Harvest


I love discovering new artists and at The Justice Conference this month was introduced to The Brilliance and Harvest. Their worship music was movingly beautiful, and both familiar and new.


Katie Reiff, 4word Director of Local Groups & Development 
Favorite: Financially Fearless


I have liked Dave Ramsey’s ideas a lot and the principles behind them, but Alexa Von Tobel seemed to understand that sometimes it’s hard to use the cash system. Her book Financially Fearless is full of worksheets and practical tips that I spent a day implementing. I took most of her ideas and added a few priorities of my own. I have stressed a lot about money over the years, but I am feeling really good this week after having ‘invested’ in getting financially organized. I particularly LOVE her “Money Minute” idea to stay apprised of my situation on a daily basis and the app (Learnvest) that helps me do that (it’s like





A Pinterest Find


Find yourself racing out the door in the morning, wishing you had more breakfast options than a Pop Tart or fast food? Here are 23 Breakfast-on-the-Go options for you that are actually healthy, too!