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Say goodbye to May this weekend by checking out our favorites from the last week, as well as the Team Monthly Favorites. There’s still room in the summer session of our 4word Mentor Program! Though mentors at your workplace have much to offer, this opportunity to discuss your goals openly, and receive unbiased feedback from experienced women mentors with 4word is priceless. Enroll before June 6 to secure your spot!!

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Video of the Week


TheFineBros introduce a group of children to 1970s technology and their responses are priceless!


Top Three


Team Monthly Favorites


Ashley Diaz, Social Media 
Favorite: Nyx Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer


This small jar provides the ultimate coverage for one of my most challenging makeup problems – dark circles! It is pure magic and surprisingly affordable. Since discovering it, I rarely leave home without it.


Jordan JohnstoneCopywriter
Favorite: Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders 


The skin on my face has looked a little dull lately, and highlighting products usually left my oily combination skin looking greasy. I saw multiple beauty gurus rave about Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders on Youtube, and after seeing a demo, I caved and picked up the Ambient Lighting Palette and Ambient Lighting powder in Luminous Light. These powders are miracle workers. My skin looks soft, imperfections are blurred and the best part: I don’t look oily!


Sandra Crawford WilliamsonCOO
Favorite: Uber app


The Uber app is a taxi alternative that helps you find a car service using private people that are screened and receive feedback scores that allow them to stay in the program. The app uses your mobile’s GPS to know where you are, shows your car as it approaches, and the picture and license plate of your driver. You put your credit card in the app, so you never need cash and drivers aren’t allowed tips. There is also Uber Family where you can request a car with a car seat! I’ve used them all across the country and it rocks.


Trina Lee, 4word Mentor Program Coordinator 
Favorite: Liz Vice


I have been listening to Liz Vice’s There’s A Light nonstop this month, after hearing her share her story at the Portland luncheon. The Oregonian described Liz’s music as “retro gospel.” And a Twitter reviewer said, “If you think you aren’t into gospel, think again.” I would agree. You can download Liz’s music for free from NoiseTrade.



A Pinterest Find


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