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It’s the last Friday Faves of June! Check out our favorites from the week, as well as the Team Monthly Favorites for June!

Take Notice


Video of the Week


Joy Eggerichs, daughter of Dr. Emerson Eggerichs and wife Sarah, has written and published a six-week study called The Illumination Project. This study covers topics such as singleness, marriage, dating, male/female relationships, faith/beliefs about God, and more. Check out the project’s trailer to find out if The Illumination Project is right for you!


Top Three


Team Monthly Favorites


Cindi Pritchett, Writer and Editor
Favorite: Woodwick candles


Woodwick candles! I enjoy burning candles, and these are by far my new favorites. The scents and selection are great, they burn nicely, and they crackle as they burn- which I love!


Jordan JohnstoneCopywriter
Favorite: Pandora 


As a professional writer, I am constantly at my computer, typing away like a mad woman! To help me get in the right mindset, I always turn to Pandora. I have a whole library of channels now ranging from Yoga Radio to The Piano Guys to Ellie Goulding. If I’m working on my novel, I lean toward the more serene channels. When I’m working on 4word projects, I’m usually jamming to something more upbeat. I’d be lost without my Pandora!


Sandra Crawford WilliamsonCOO
Favorite: Sseko sandals


I am loving my new Sseko sandals because not only are they adorable but they are SO comfortable too. There are 7 different ways you can tie them and you can always get different ribbon colors. They are a summer must have and you are supporting women’s education in Uganda at the same time.


Katie Reiff, 4word Director of Local Groups & Development 
Favorite: ENO hammock


If you’re anything like me, you must be loving the beginning of the summer season! This month, my beautiful intern introduced me to my new favorite thing, and the perfect way to unwind after a busy day and enjoy the season. Eagles Nest Outfitters makes a series of hammocks ranging from $89.90 – $124.90 (price includes hammock and atlas straps) that are ready to go with you anywhere! Really, mine fits in my purse! There’s nothing like enjoying my lunch break by doing a little summer reading in my ENO hammock.


Trina Lee, 4word Mentor Program Coordinator 
Favorite: The Illumination Project


Looking for a study to do this summer? I was at the live event when The Illumination Project study was filmed and it was a great night of learning and laughing. The Illumination Project is a six-week DVD study that captures a candid (and often hilarious) conversation between Joy Eggerichs and her father, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (author of the best-selling marriage book Love and Respect), as they tackle the following topics: marriage, dating, singleness, male-female relationships, life’s wounds and much more.



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