Mentors, Millennials and Monthly Favorites in This Week’s Friday Faves

It’s the last Friday of July. We can’t believe it either! Take a peek at our favorites from the past week, as well as the Team Monthly Favorites for July.

Take Notice


Video of the Week


Have you ever been told you do something “like a girl?” How did that make you feel? Always decided to take a stand against this insult to women and created this video for their #LikeAGirl campaign.


Top Three


4word Local Group Events

Take a look at these upcoming 4word Local Group event dates and see which one(s) you can attend. We’d love to see you there!

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Team Monthly Favorites


Cindi Pritchett, Writer and Editor
Favorite: The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner


I stumbled across this gem and decided to test it out earlier this year. If you’re a checklist person, you will love this household planner! I simply print off a month at a time, then hang it on my fridge, for easy reference throughout the day. Meal planning and preparation, cleaning and general household tasks are so much easier for me to complete in a timely manner now.


Jordan JohnstoneCopywriter
Favorite: Lush Cosmetics Fresh Face Masks 


I’ve been trying to get my face in better shape, and kept hearing raving reviews about Lush’s Fresh Face Masks. I made a trip to my local Lush (Make sure you go on a Thursday because that’s when they put out new masks!) and picked up Cupcake and BB Seaweed. I’ve used Cupcake once and not only did it smell good, my skin looked and felt amazing after!


Sandra Crawford WilliamsonCOO
Favorite: Work, Love, Pray Study Guide


My monthly fav is our new Work, Love, Pray Study Guide companion for Work, Love, Pray. I’m buying it for all the women in my life as gifts for any and every occasion.


Betsy Gray, Graphic Designer 
Favorite: Strengthsfinder 2.0

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.39.37 AM

Strengthsfinder 2.0 is a strengths assessment resource Diane recommends in Work, Love Pray. Now, I concur! The insight my husband and I gained into each others’ “themes” has been incredibly practical and encouraging. The reports clearly define the value of each personality trait, and why we thrive in certain work and social settings. Take the test online for under $10.


Ashley Diaz, Social Media 
Favorite: Target Cartwheel app


Like so many others, Target is my ultimate shopping weakness. I love the Cartwheel app because I get extra savings right on my phone and I don’t have to spend time clipping and organizing coupons.


Amy WilsonSocial Media Consultant
Favorite: TripIt app


Whether I’m traveling for business or for pleasure, TripIt is my favorite traveling app. It lets me store all my travel details – flight numbers, hotel confirmation numbers, rental car info, etc. – in one place. Best of all, your travel details are stored on your phone, so if you don’t have cell service, you can still access them.


A Pinterest Find


Ready to say goodbye to summer? Neither are we! Here are 21 recipes to help you savor these last few summer days.