Mistakes, Myths and Mission to Change Media in This Week’s Friday Faves


Happy Friday, 4word friends! Check out our favorite articles, video, and pin from the week!


Take Notice




WORST MISTAKE WHEN QUITTING A JOB: Jeff Haden writes on LinkedIn and urges you to not neglect the true friends you develop at work if you end up moving onto another job opportunity.




40-HOUR WORK WEEK MYTH?: Ariana Ayu writes on Inc. about surprising statistics about the traditional 40-hour work week, and whether or not it’s such a traditional thing anymore.




BE SOCIALLY SUCCESSFUL: Vanessa Van Edwards offers seven tips for those wanting to make a successful impact when interacting with those around you.





ADDICTED TO BUSYNESS: Brady Boyd writes on Relevant Magazine about his realization that he had become addicted to a busy life, and the four warning signs we should look for in our own lives.




Video of the Week



Who knew playing Peek-a-boo could be traumatic? Watch this little girl’s reaction to her father shaving halfway through their game.


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A Pinterest Find


Apple Blueberry Pie layered in a Mason jar. How could you possibly go wrong with this adorably rustic end-of-summer dessert?