Winner, Wealth, and Watercolors in This Week’s Friday Faves


Happy Friday, 4word friends! Enjoy our favorites from the past week as you head into your weekend!

Take Notice


WIN OVER YOUR BOSS: Want to get on your boss’s good side? May Busch offers three helpful tips for forging a positive relationship with your boss.



YOUNGEST NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER: The Wall Street Journal shares the story of 17-year-old Malala Yousafzai, the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize for her fight for girls’ rights to schooling “under the most dangerous circumstances.”


MANAGE YOUR EMAIL: Jacky Carter writes on LinkedIn about the genius way that Coca-Cola employees tackle their emails and which practices we can adapt to our own Inbox.

Video of the Week

The New York Times invited six second graders to a 7-course, $220 a person dinner at exclusive Brooklyn restaurant Daniel and sat back to see what their reactions would be to their gourmet feast. Obviously, hilarity ensued.

Top Three

  • Wealthiest Women in America - DailyMail created a map showing the wealthiest women in America, grouping them by state. In total, the women on the list are worth $200 billion combined.
  • Working Moms, On Screen and Behind The Camera - Christine A. Scheller with Her.meneutics interviews filmmaker Laura Waters Hinson and discusses how she juggles the responsibilities of her career with her responsibilities at home.

4word: Local Group Events

Take a look at these upcoming 4word Local Group event dates and see which one(s) you can attend. We'd love to see you there!

  • Seattle - Morning Coffee Gathering - October 18 @ 9:00AM
  • Washington D.C. - Jennifer Marshall - October 21 @ 7:00PM
  • Atlanta - Jenifer Johnson - October 30 @ 11:30AM
  • Dallas - Lunch Out - November 10 @ noon
  • San Diego - Lunch Discussion - November 12 @ 11:30AM
  • Los Angeles - Book Discussion - November 15 @ 1:00PM
  • Denver - Launch Event - November 18 @ 6:00PM
  • Phoenix - Christmas Luncheon - December 2 @ 11:30AM
  • Dallas - Christmas Party - December 7 @ 4:00PM

For details on these events, please visit our 4word Events page.

A Pinterest Find


Want an alternative way to decorate pumpkins that doesn’t involve carving and goo-scooping? Give watercolor pumpkins a go this year!


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