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Celebrate 4word with us, no matter where you are!

4w_gala_1200x1200We cannot wait to celebrate 4word next Saturday, February 6! The first-ever Leap 4word Gala will be a time for supporters of 4word to come together and spend an evening commemorating the heart and mission of 4word.

For those who are unable to physically join us but would still like to participate in the festivities, check out our online silent auction! We have several amazing items up for bid, including an exclusive guided tour of The New York Times. Click here to browse and place your bids!

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Mondays with Diane4w_mon_300x300_012516

When “No” Should Be Your Goal

Is your life filled to the brim and threatening to overwhelm you? Do you wonder if there is something you can do about it? If you’re ready to make a change and start saying no, Diane Paddison shares some steps to get you on track to a simpler life.

Wednesday Interview4w_wed_300x300_012716

Shake Things Up

Have you ever wondered if your current job or career is really what you should be doing with your life? For many, this is a scary thought to have, especially if you feel like you’re already in your “dream job.” Tiffany Black experienced this feeling and shares with us today how she stepped out in faith and was abundantly rewarded for her bravery.

Mentoring Monday radio show

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On this week’s Mentoring Monday Radio Show, our guest is Kelly Behle, manager of the Santa Clarita Library System in LA. Listen as she shares mentoring wisdom, having been both a mentee and a mentor.



Make Your Next Career Move

As a 4word: Member Insider, you’re given exclusive access to numerous job openings across the country via the 4word Job Connections Board. We wanted to highlight a few jobs currently available. Just login to your 4word: Member Insider account to apply to one or more of these positions!

Not a 4word: Member Insider? Email your credentials to hello@4wordwomen.org to begin the application process.

Featured Company: CARE (Chemical Awareness Resources & Education)

Location: Dallas, TX

CARE (Chemical Awareness Resources & Education) is a non-profit, community-based organization established as a response to the increasing concerns and challenges associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

Open Positions on the 4word Job Connections Board
(login today to view more!)

Job #1: Manager of Digital Platform (revenue generation), Corporate Sponsorships, and Brand Management
Responsible for Member Insider/Job Connections Board product line, Corporate Sponsorships, Marketing and Brand management, and Digital, Social Media, and Content product lines. Reports directly to founder.

Job #2: Executive Director
CARE – Dallas, TX
CARE is seeking an experienced Executive Director with a knowledge and passion for recovery to be the face of the organization. The position has the responsibility to direct and oversee CARE’s educational and referral programs and activities, and fundraising, as well as manage the office, the finances and personnel.

Job #3: Assistant Production Coordinator
Spirit Media – Clackamas, OR
As Assistant Production Coordinator, responsibilities include the comprehensive management of live and web events; from pre-production to event execution to post- event debrief. You will also be responsible for the coordination of Spirit Media marketing projects and video projects from scheduling crew and equipment to managing media assets.




Expresit is an app that allows you to honor the heroes and achievers in your life with just a few taps! By partnering with 4word, Expresit will automatically donate $1 to 4word for every feedback given with 4word as the affiliation (up to $5 per day!). Getting started is simple. Just click one of the buttons on the right to download the Expresit app to your Apple or Android device, select 4word from the drop-down menu in the Affiliation field of your profile, and you’re all set!


Top Three

Take Notice


THANK YOU, ASHLEY!: Join us in thanking our social media coordinator, Ashley Diaz, for her years of working with 4word! Ashley has helped grow 4word’s social media presence and reach thousands with our content. We will miss you, Ashley!


HOW TO MAKE OR BREAK AN INTERVIEW: Rosie Taylor with Daily Mail investigates why the first 12 words of your interview could be the key to scoring the job.


STRENGTHEN YOUR LEADERSHIP WITH READING: Tom Fox with The Washington Post shares a list of books you should read if you’re looking to beef up your leadership skills.


THE FORCE IS WITH HER: Alicia Cohn writes on Christianity Today and discusses what the new Star Wars movie’s leading lady has to teach the boys.


BEST JOBS IN AMERICA: Samantha Cooney with Mashable shares Glassdoor’s latest list of the best jobs to have in America. The top job might surprise you!

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Take a look at these upcoming 4word: Local Group event dates and see which one(s) you can attend. We’d love to see you there!

For details on these events, please visit our 4word Events page.

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If you were caught in last weekend’s blizzard, you probably had mixed feelings about all that snow. This guy, however, very clearly wears his feelings on his sleeve, or fur…

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Here are six easy ways to add some Valentine’s Day love to your home or office!


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