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Mondays with Diane4w_mon_300x300_011116

4 Tips To Keep Healthy Resolutions on Track

How can professionals set health goals for themselves AND maintain their already crazy schedules? As a professional woman who has made the conscious decision to live a healthier lifestyle, Diane Paddison shares how attainable it can be with just a few tweaks to your routine.

Wednesday Interview4w_wed_300x300_011316

Create a Lasting Impression

4word mentor and highly-successful business woman Bernice J. Washington shares why first impressions are vital to your professional success, and what she believes it takes to achieve your career goals.

Mentoring Monday radio show

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Our Mentoring Monday Radio Show yesterday featured Kathleen Cooke of Cooke Pictures. Kathleen looks at the characters of the popular show Downton Abbey and unpacks their advice through the filter of mentoring.



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Featured Company: Legacy Living Ministries

Location: U.S.A.

Training women of all ages how to engage in an active love relationship with God, apply His Word to their lives and disciple like Jesus.




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Top Three

Take Notice


HEAR THE STORY OF 4word: Listen as Bryan Jones of 89.7 FM interviews 4word founder, Diane Paddison, about the “4word story.” It is a great interview and worth the listen!


DO THIS WHEN STARTING A NEW JOB: Sue Townsen writes on Fortune and encourages new hires to be “students” for the first few months of their job.


MASTER YOUR CAREER!: May Busch invites you to take her Career Mastery™ Challenge and make 2016 your best professional year yet!


COLORING BOOKS FOR ADULTS: Lindsay Friedman with Entrepreneur discusses a new trend of coloring books specifically for adults and how they can give you a creative boost.


STARBUCKS’ SECRET VALENTINE’S DAY MENU: Megan McCluskey with Time shares Starbucks’ latest holiday offering and how you can score some sweet secret beverages.

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Take a look at these upcoming 4word: Local Group event dates and see which one(s) you can attend. We’d love to see you there!

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Video of the Week


Life is not only more interesting when you’re a kid, it can apparently be a lot more complicated, too! Hear these third graders explain the dynamics of them and their peers and just try not to get stressed out.

A Pinterest Find


If you made a resolution to eat healthier this year, here are 25 healthy lunch recipes to help keep you on track!


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