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5 Steps to Becoming a “Super-Worker”

No one wants to be an overworked, overSTRESSED professional, but being an underperforming and laid-back professional is not desirable either. Diane Paddison shares her five tips for becoming a Super Worker, streamlining your life to make it more productive and less stressful.


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Sowing Empowerment in Sudan

When Missy Williams and her husband, David, were told repeatedly that their mission to help empower the people of South Sudan was a waste of time and resources, she knew her journey to bring Seed Effect to life would be a difficult one but also incredibly rewarding. Read how Seed Effect has impacted the lives of South Sudan and how Missy balances a career and being a mother to two girls.






Make Your Next Career Move

As a 4word: Member Insider, you’re given exclusive access to numerous job openings across the country via the 4word Job Connections Board. We wanted to highlight a few jobs currently available. Just login to your 4word: Member Insider account to apply to one or more of these positions!

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Featured Company: LaunchAbility

Location: Plano, TX

LaunchAbility promotes independence for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities through employment. Unique to LaunchAbility’s mission is to focus on opportunities that promote inclusive employment in the workforce. For over 50 years, LaunchAbility has helped change the landscape for people with disabilities and their families in North Texas through supported employment, job placement and their innovative Academy program.

Open Positions on the 4word Job Connections Board
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Job #1: Executive Director
LaunchAbility – Plano, TX
LaunchAbility promotes independence for adults with intellectual developmental disabilities through employment, and is seeking an Executive Director who will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for LaunchAbility’s programs, staff and execution of mission.

Job #2: Clinical Vice President – Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement
Encompass Home Health & Hospice – Dallas, TX
Encompass Home Health & Hospice, repeatedly honored on a national and regional basis as a “Best Place to Work”, is seeking a Vice President of Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement to be responsible for improving quality of care and patient satisfaction for home health, hospice, and pediatric care.

Job #3: Sr. Director – Operations Research, Performance and Planning (Revenue Management)
Southwest AirlinesDallas, TX
Southwest Airlines is seeking a Servant Leader to join the Commercial Leadership team in our Revenue Management Department. The successful candidate will be co-responsible for driving optimal revenue performance and will be responsible for the strategic direction of the Revenue Management Operations Research and Performance & Planning, and the Business Decision Support (BDS) teams. He or she will also be responsible for the performance of and development of Revenue Management Tools and Technology as well as for providing accurate insights on our current and future revenue performance and trends, as well as providing other VP and department support.

Internship Opportunities
4word – Dallas, TX – Virtual
4word has immediate openings for several internship positions! These positions would be ideal for female college students majoring in business, communications or related field, who would like to begin connecting and networking with professionals of faith and gain experience in marketing, communications, and fundraising with a non-profit. Internships are unpaid and require an average 10 hour per week time commitment.








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HOW TO COUNTER NEGATIVITY: Greg Wells writes on Entrepreneur and gives a three-step process for working through negativity in your life.








NO 5-YEAR PLAN? THAT’S OK: Gloria Cordes Larson writes on Fortune and explains why it’s not the end of the world to not know where you want to be in five years.








LOOKING TO GET IN SHAPE? HERE’S THE PERFECT TIME TO WORKOUT: Erin Brodwin with Business Insider reveals the ideal time to plan a workout if you’d like to see results.









WOMEN ON BOARDS = HIGHER EXECUTIVE PAY: Gretchen Morgenson writes on The New York Times and investigates the correlation between women being part of boards and higher executive pay.








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Want to learn things about your personality you didn’t know before? It all comes down to a cube. (Just watch the video and prepare to have your mind blown.)






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Up your sandwich game this summer and give these 15 open sandwich recipes a try!






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