Who Are You?


Do you know who you are? When someone looks at you, can they tell that there’s something “different” about you? Cynthia Garrett, TV host and Christian actress, is passionate about people discovering their true identities in Christ and using that knowledge to guide their life’s path.


4word: Tell our readers a little about yourself!

Cynthia: I started on secular TV hosting a number of large network talkshows in late night, afternoon, and morning. Because of my love for Jesus, I took my career experience as a talkshow personality and created the first ever woman’s talkshow on Christian TV. We look at the world’s point of view versus God’s point of view, and reason together that God is good…and london-sessions2right! I shoot live in front of a studio audience and have guests. We have the best dialogue going on around the world about everything from beauty and sex to parenting and forgiveness.

4word: Authentic identity is a topic you’re very passionate about. How can someone discover their authentic identity and nurture it?

Cynthia: You find your identity in the word of God and you nurture that by learning to apply scripture to every aspect of every situation in your life. When you know whose you are, you know who you are. This in turn will make it clear about who you’re with and what path you’re on at home, work, and in relationship to others. More than ever before, women (especially young women) around the world need an understanding of their identity. Look at how girls conduct themselves on social media. Our identities come under attack from birth. The enemy has always used people and situations to help him steal our identity. The world we live in today, the media, and especially social media, seek to strip us of identity, as well. We are left trying to find value and worth in the approval of total strangers who don’t know us at all. .

This creates loneliness like never before and loneliness with two million followers is a scary thing. I’ve worked in secular media for many years, and I always saw this loneliness with famous people and celebrities. But today “regular” people I know experience this all the time. It’s because being known by everyone else while not knowing Him is an awful thing. Life becomes pointless and hopeless, and people without hope have no motivation to live. God desires for us to know Him and to know that He is a good Father. The enemy works overtime to keep that from happening. Satan simply doesn’t want us all to know we are sons and daughters and that our Father is King. A major shift occurred in my life when I realized how valuable I am because I am a daughter to the King. Success can be found, increased, and shared when you walk in the power of your real identity. Jesus knew who He was and why He came. He wants the same for us.

4word: Purity is another topic on which you speak. In today’s society, how can we remain pure? How does purity fit in with our authentic identities, as well?

tbnCynthia: God created us for one spouse. Sex is to be saved for the wedding bed. There is so much to say about this, but in short, we live in a broken world and so many people are damaged by a lack of understanding of how important purity is. The concept of purity seems outdated to many in the younger generation. It seemed outdated to me when I was single for a time. However, IDENTITY is a critical key to walking in purity, because it raises the bar on your ability to understand your value. When I realized that God was my Father and I understood how special and unique I was to Him, the Creator of everything, I committed myself to being only with a man who was worthy of me and my greatness. Knowing my identity gave me the confidence to walk in purity and the joy to embrace celibacy and wait for the right man. If you’ve lost your purity, that’s OK. It’s never too late for a reset that clothes you in white. I came to it late but I got there. Your purity is found in Christ Jesus. You remain pure by remaining in Christ Jesus. I know my Father and I know how powerful He is, and I know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You can, too. Even this.

4word: As a parent, how have you taught your children to be authentic and pure? What advice do you have for other parents?

Cynthia: The only way to teach the power and importance of being authentic and pure is to be authentic and pure in your actions toward your kids, yourself, and others. Period. Your walk is your greatest witness. Talk is cheap. Walk the talk. You have to have a heart to help when you teach. It helps when you can sympathize, because you have empathy for where someone is or has been.

life-and-style2Young people today don’t want to be preached at and lectured. They want to be spoken to and they want facts and truthful statements about their desires, lusts, needs, shortcomings, and failures. They also want a vision of what life looks like by choosing God and purity. They have access to a world of information and it’s about time we got our information correct because they see us and our hypocrisy as a body of believers.

Real leaders lead real people. I deal with my son as a real person, and I strive to meet him wherever he is mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. When I do this. he can hear me. Because I understand my identity in Christ, I understand how critical this is to parenting. You must walk in authenticity and purity but again that’s all about knowing and then walking in your authentic self: identity. To do so, I teach my son and his friends the devices the world uses to substitute an identity that’s not theirs while attempting to steal theirs. As they learn how the ‘identity thief’ steals from them, they learn how to recognize and battle the things the thief uses against them to make his job easy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood.

It’s all about identity. Whose are you? Who’s your Father? What does He think of you and everything you’re doing and believing?

4word: Anything else you’d like to share?

Cynthia: I talk a lot about the subject of losing your identity, finding it again, and walking victoriously in it, in my new book PRODIGAL DAUGHTER: A Journey Home To Identity. I also host two TV Programs that air on TBN around the world; The London Sessions & The Mini Sessions. I would love your support as we prepare for some huge growth in 2017. Please visit me and sign up at www.cynthiagarrett.org to stay updated.


In whom do you stake your identity? Has Cynthia incited a journey in you to find your true identity? We hope that, no matter where you are in life, you take the time and courage to place your life’s identity where it should be!




Cynthia Garrett’s career in faith based television has begun with an explosive rise through the ranks reminiscent of her meteoric rise as a young girl in secular television. After hosting numerous network late night, prime time, and daytime talk shows Cynthia’s burning desire to birth what she calls a Walkshow…and not just another Talkshow opened the doors to the world.

London is the current home of global women’s talk-show ‘The London Sessions w/ Cynthia Garrett’ and The Mini Sessions w/ Cynthia Garrett. Both programs have created an international dialogue among women around the world about everything from family to feminism, fashion, politics, marriage, divorce, dating, sex, beauty and all things relevant to our identity as women with faith! Both programs air twice weekly on the number #1 faith and family network domestically and globally, TBN Networks.

Additionally, Cynthia recently released her first powerhouse book, PRODIGAL DAUGHTER: A Journey Home To Identity, to an audience of fans that includes an estimated five million to eight million current viewers in the U.S., U.K., Africa and South Africa alone. PRODIGAL DAUGHTER will also be released in a translated form in Indonesia in June for Cynthia’s appearance as speaker and host of a professional NBA Basketball clinic run by her sons who play professionally in Europe and in L.A.