When God and Amy Grant showed up at the 4word Gala

Have you ever woken the day after a big event and pinched yourself, hoping it wasn’t all a dream? Maybe after your wedding day, college graduation or a wonderful vacation? The morning after 4word’s second annual Gala I woke up knowing that the wonderful weekend couldn’t have been a dream, because God showed up in BIG ways.


That’s how I would describe this year’s 4word Gala: God showed up.


God has blessed 4word and the women we serve mightily over the past five years, and this year’s 4word Gala was no exception. What a gift it was to have Amy Grant join our gathering of 4word women and supporters, perform for us, and share her story. The Lord worked out every detail perfectly, and not only were we able to bless 4word women and supporters with a special time with Amy, but we were able to bless Amy with what she called one of the most relaxing weekends she had had in a long time.


Because I was so encouraged by all God did at the Gala and luncheon, I want to share a few testimonies from the weekend and hope that you will be encouraged, too:


“I actually had no idea what 4word was until I started talking to Lisa about this event… and admittedly, even then I was pretty much just ‘Oh, Amy Grant? Ok, yeah, nothing else matters, let’s go.’ …I genuinely wasn’t expecting the event to feel like it did. Maybe that’s just due to my personal history… single teenage mom, then part of the news media, morphed into a woman with technicolor hair and lots of tattoos. I’m used to walking in and seeing people’s eyeballs widen a bit. …I didn’t expect to be hugged and welcomed, to be thanked, and to have so many people seem to genuinely care about who I am. As a creative small business owner and mother of two, someone with an incredibly unorthodox journey to where my life is now, I SO very much appreciated your message. Your mission statement, your goal, the impact you’re having on the lives of professional women… it’s an amazing thing you’re doing, and I am thrilled that I was able to be a part of it.”


“The lunch was the nicest fundraiser lunch I have ever attended! What a warm and God honoring hour and ½! …Amy was so warm and beautiful and all round amazing.”


“Once again, thank you for the special invitation to attend Saturday night’s Gala.  It was the opportunity of a lifetime for us.  Everything was very special. We appreciate the opportunity to see the ministry at work.”


“What a wonderful and inspiring evening Saturday was. Thank you for inviting us to come spend time with you and 4word. Diane’s (my wife) birthday was Feb 21st, so this was a wonderful birthday present for her to be able to come listen to Amy Grant in such a peaceful and intimate setting. …Listening to your testimony about Amy’s music was very inspiring. Diane has been listening to Amy’s music for well over 30 years now. Her music has gotten her through a difficult childhood and broken relationships in her early 20’s. Since 2003, Amy’s music has become more important than ever. Our daughter was born right at 27 weeks, very premature, very small, very sick. We have been on a long and faithful road of struggle, sacrifice, and uncertainty of raising a special needs child. Over these 13 years, I have tried to maintain that “Amy” connection with Diane whenever I could arrange something. That is why Saturday evening was so special for Diane. Amy is her hero! …Thank you again for your simple gift of Amy Grant.”


As I reflect back on a wonderful weekend celebrating the work of 4word and the lives God has touched through hundreds of amazing 4word women, I know God is reminding me that He will always show up when we trust Him to provide. This is true in the “big things” in life, like a fundraising gala, but it’s true in the small things as well. Know that we at 4word are praying for you to know God deeply and personally and to see Him show up powerfully in your life each day.


One of the most moving moments of the Gala was watching this video testimony from Jennifer, a 4word woman for whom God used the Mentor Program to transform and redeem a toxic workplace and failing marriage. I encourage you to take five minutes to listen to her story, as it embodies the heart of 4word.

I am so thankful that God showed up at the 4word Gala. Thank you to each 4word supporter who volunteered, attended an event, and donated their time and money to support real, faithful, passionate 4word women around the world.


Will you join me each day in this prayer that Amy Grant prayed with us?


“Lord, lead me today to those I need and those who need me… and let something I do have eternal significance.”



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