Life-Changing Mentorship

Earlier this month, I shared my Amy Grant story and the joy of meeting a woman who profoundly impacted my life through her music at a very difficult time. Sometimes we impact the life of another without knowing it, but other times we enter into an intentional mentoring relationship hoping to learn, grow, and achieve our goals.

But mentorship doesn’t always come easy. How can we prepare ourselves, whether we are mentee or mentor, to allow for the greatest impact from a mentorship?

A few years ago, a woman named Jennifer entered the 4word mentor program looking for some advice on running her construction business. What she found instead was life-altering wisdom that restored her relationship with her husband and set her on a new path helping mentor others in her industry.

Here is some of the advice both Jennifer and her mentor shared for any person embarking on a mentoring relationship:

For Mentees

For Mentors

“It’s not about you or what you gain in the relationship. You are there to do what God is asking you to do in the relationship. Trust that whatever needs to happen will happen. If you’re fortunate you’ll know about it, and if not, don’t question whether you’re making a difference. If you’re doing what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do or say, you’re making a difference.”

Finally, remember that a mentorship, like any relationship, takes work. But whether you are a mentor or a mentee, letting God work through your relationship can lead to real, lasting change.