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Summer Like a Kid Again

Does the thought of summer and planning activities for your kids exhaust you? If summer feels like more hard work and no break, take time to read Diane Paddison‘s advice on ways to help your kids get the most out of summer while scheduling time to recharge yourself and find rest in God.









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Take Notice :: our favorite stories of the week

This TED Talk Will Make You Think Twice About Brainstorming: Damon Brown takes a closer look at a recent TED Talk from OK Go that suggests brainstorming might not always lead to the most original ideas.











How To Hack Your Attention Span In Three Easy Steps: Jessica Hagy offers her advice for powering through the mental clutter we all encounter every day.














Six Ways Men Can Support Women’s Discipleship: Trillia Newbell shares how male leaders in the church can empower women’s ministry, even if they have no clue where to start.














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