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Your weekly roundup :: June 5-9

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.


This week’s blog: “Enjoyment: What Brings You Joy?”

Are you making time for the things that bring you true joy? In the midst of hectic schedules, work obligations, and people to care for, it can be hard to feel freedom to enjoy life. Join us this month as we dive into how and why we should pursue things that bring us enjoyment.


Our work, love, pray favorites


20 Essential Truths That Women Over 50 Want To Share With Younger Women
Fran Sorin
with the Huffington Post shares words of wisdom from which anyone can benefit.
One Way to Deposit Courage into Your Soul Today
Kristen Strong with (in)courage talks about why offering kindness to others makes your soul stronger.

Choosing Stillness
Nicole Johnson writes on Christianity Today about seeking the “calmness” your soul craves.

Listen to our latest “Mentoring Monday” show
Our latest “Mentoring Monday” radio show featured Brenda Bertrand.



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