perfect purpose woman on beach

Step Into Your Purpose

perfect purpose woman on beach


Have you enjoyed this month’s discussion on purpose? We forced ourselves to really look deep and decide if we knew our purpose or not. We were encouraged to not just embrace the purpose that has been revealed to us but to also value our worth. We were instructed to adopt the mindset that purpose requires constant pursuit. And we were given practical tips for finding our purpose.


If you followed along with our discussions this month, you may have had an amazing breakthrough in your quest to find and follow the purpose for your life. This breakthrough might have been difficult – maybe it required changing jobs, changing industries, or maybe even changing states. Or maybe your breakthrough was so sweet and joyous and God affirmed clearly that the calling you have been praying about is in fact yours. Regardless of the journey, isn’t the end result amazing? How freeing it is to know that you have not only found your purpose, but you have God behind you, giving you the strength and focus to stay the course?


seeking your purpose


The discussions this month might have had a different ending for the rest of you. Maybe you’re still searching. You feel like your purpose is close, just hanging there waiting for you to pluck it, but you have no idea which fruit has your name on it. Dear reader, do not lose hope. Your purpose is out there. God sees that you have made the decision to seek out His will. He will not let your efforts go to waste.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. – Romans 12:2

If your purpose is still not clear, don’t give in to the fruitless pressures of this world and just try to find something you can claim as your purpose. God may not be revealing your purpose to you yet because you aren’t ready for it. Ask Him to work on you and in you. Let go of every stubborn grip on successes and accolades. Cleanse your mind of every worldly definition of “worth” and “fame.” God doesn’t want you to be the brightest, most prolific, most revered person He’s ever created. He wants you to need Him. And He wants you to constantly be at His feet, seeking the next steps He has for you daily so you can be fully who He made you to be.


Reflections on Purpose:



Lord, thank you for knowing every detail of our lives before we even take our first breaths. As we seek to use our time on this earth wisely, we ask that you continue to humble us each day and remind us that we are all part of global community, not doing things on our own. Reassure us that no role in this lifetime is too small, and if you gift us with a purpose that is grand, remind us that we are nothing without you and your strength. When our purpose seems far away or not in line with what we think you have for us, bless us with peace. Still our hearts and minds and instill in us a childlike devotion to you. Give us the strength to toss aside worldly versions of purpose and reward our diligence with a good, pleasing, and perfect purpose that could only come from you!





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