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Where Is Your Treasure?

woman reading bible



This shouldn’t be a new word or concept to any of you. As women in the workplace, we are daily playing a plate-spinning act, trying to balance work priorities with home priorities. And just when we think we have our schedules and workloads figured out, something swoops in out of nowhere and all the spinning plates shatter to the ground.


Perhaps the problem lies not in the fact that we are trying to balance everything, but instead that we are trying to balance things that should never have been given priority in the first place. How do you assess and rank the different tasks, activities, and responsibilities in your life? When staring down your day each morning, how does your mind go about arranging your to-do list?


Thinking through what you prioritize in your life, evaluate using these questions:



finish line priorities


For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Luke 12:34


Where is your treasure? What drives you? What is your purpose? If your focus is on God each day, He will help you lay out your life in a way that will bring fruitfulness and joy. If you’re focused on being the most successful woman in your office and the most perfect significant other and/or parent this world has ever known, your intentions – while presumably pure – will only lead you around a constant loop of tiring attempts at doing things according to your plan and under your strength.


This month, let’s all dedicate ourselves to seeking out the true meaning of “priority” and then modeling our planners and to-do lists accordingly. Before you give those plates another twirl, look at them and evaluate why they’re worth the effort of spinning.



(P.S. Over the month of October, we are sharing our “10 Tips for Defining Your Priorities.” Each week, we will share a couple with you, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram, and let us know what tips you would add!)



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