faith in the face of conflict

Faith in the Face of Conflict

faith in the face of conflict


In today’s world, you cannot go a day without reading about, watching, or being personally impacted by a conflict. Our world is pulsing with anger, confusion, and wondering what to do next. There isn’t a single class or race that is exempt from this constantly brewing season of conflict. We are all affected, whether we acknowledge it or not.


So how, as Christians, are we supposed to face conflict and confrontation when they come running at us, ready for battle? Conflict is not limited to a crisis broadcast on the news. Conflict wears many hats, and can come on the scene in your family, with your friends, and with those you work with.

“What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?” – James 4:1


While there are legitimate causes and needs for conflict, there are also many instances where we are at war with each other for reasons that neither side understands. In those situations, how do you respond? Do you rebuke and argue, or surrender and play peacemaker? At what point do you say, “Enough!” and throw in the towel?


At the heart of the global struggle with conflict and confrontation is the delicate balancing act of boundaries and respect. Many of us prefer to live our lives and not “get into it” with the latest upheaval, but there will be times when that is not an option. How do you prepare yourself for those times?


Before we dive head first into the topic of dealing with conflict as Christian women in the workplace, think about your own experience with conflict:


While we may put on a pretty face as Christian women, none of us are immune to conflict. As long as sin is in the world, we will face conflict in our lives. But God has uniquely equipped us as Christians to be a force for peace and light in the middle of a conflict-ridden world.


This month, we are eager to dive deeper into this timely topic and hear from others who have dealt with conflict in their personal lives, in their professional lives, and in their spiritual lives. Conflict does not discriminate. It will creep its way into every area of your life, if you let it. Join us this month as we learn how to hold fast to our faith and enter into conflict and confrontation not with the goal of being right but with the goal of bringing peace.


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