You Need to Stop Praying These Prayers

You Need to Stop Praying These Prayers

You Need to Stop Praying These Prayers




Your weekly roundup :: December 24 – 28

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.


How to Keep the Christmas Joy All Year

Christmas can be such a joyful time, but why should it be the only time of the year to feel like that? Read our final blog on reflecting and celebrating the year, and learn about the role giving back plays in feeling that Christmas joy all year long.




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Listen to the latest episode How to Lead Yourself Well featuring Jenni Catron


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Our work, love, pray favorites


work career workplace



Why Selling Girl Scout Cookies Made Me the Businesswoman I Am Today

Brit Morin writes on Entrepreneur about the skills she learned as a Girl Scout that helped her grow into the CEO she is today.





love relationships marriage



Will Your Relationship Last? Science Says Couples Who Do This 1 Thing Regularly are More Likely to Stay Together

Melanie Curtin with Inc. explains a recent study that revealed one thing every couple should do, even in the middle of an argument.




pray church God Bible hearing God



3 Prayers We Need to Stop Saying

Todd Lesher with Relevant Magazine lists three prayers we need to stop sending to God, and offers alternative prayers to use instead.





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Listen to Diane Paddison on Point of View!

Listen to Diane Paddison‘s interview on the Point of View podcast, hosted by Kerby Anderson!







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