What Chris Pratt’s Engagement Says About Second Chances

What Chris Pratt’s Engagement Says About Second Chances

What Chris Pratt’s Engagement Says About Second Chances




Your weekly roundup :: January 14 – 18

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.


When Life’s Changes Are Actually Deliverance


Have you ever been in a really good place in your life and then everything gets turned on its head? Read how one 4word woman overcame it all!




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Listen to the latest episode Just Stay In Your Bucket featuring Patty Ross


Patty Ross, a former Nike executive and now Apple executive, talks about how an early mentor helped her “believe what she didn’t see about herself” which helped her through a major transition.





Our work, love, pray favorites


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How to Manage Your Energy When You’ve Taken on Too Much

As we get into a new year with new goals and responsibilities, May Busch offers timely advice for those who’ve maybe said “yes” too much already in 2019.





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Chris Pratt Engagement to Katherine Schwarzenegger Is a Great Reminder About the Power of Second Chances

Paul J. Batura with Focus on the Family writes on Fox News with his thoughts on Chris Pratt’s engagement and rekindling of his faith.




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Don’t Forget, There’s a Lot Right With the Church, Too

Shane Pruitt writes on Relevant Magazine, acknowledging that the church has its problems, but warns us to not let that disillusion us from the positives of church.





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Listen to the latest Mentoring Monday radio show!

Listen to the latest episode of Mentoring Monday, featuring Diane Paddison!







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