When Life's Changes Are Actually Deliverance

When Life’s Changes Are Actually Deliverance

When Life's Changes Are Actually Deliverance



Have you ever been in a really good place in your life and then everything gets turned on its head? It’s hard to stay positive and hopeful in these situations, but that is exactly the response that would make these times easier to bear. Camille K. Walker shares from the heart about the many times her life has been subjected to transition and how she tuned in to God to find the motivation to keep moving forward.




Tell our readers a little about yourself!


Camille: I have a BBA in marketing at Texas Tech University and a law degree from University of Houston. I became a Christian at an early age. I grew up with wonderful parents and a younger sister.  


After graduating law school, I got married and several years later, I was thrilled to become mother to a son then four years later a daughter. There is nothing like being gifted with two precious little people to nurture, develop, and support. The juggle between faith, marriage, motherhood, career, and whatever else is real. I love to multi-task and get organized.  


My law career spans more than twenty-five years working in various capacities as an attorney. After practicing law for a few years, I discovered some creative abilities I never knew I had. I started exploring my new skill sets and using my natural abilities to teach, write, and help people change their lives. I can be described as a quiet, reserved, and reflective person. I am perpetually curious and love to learn.     




Your life has been riddled with transitions and changes. Can you share how you navigated that?


Camille: My life has evolved almost like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Early in my twenties, about the time I was ready to begin my legal career, my family’s business went through a very difficult legal challenge. This unexpected transition forced me to step into a leadership role and to make some key decisions. I learned that God prepares us for everything we will ever face in our life. Having just attended law school, I was accustomed to having to think methodically and analytically, to weigh risk and consider alternative courses of action. The training enabled me to feel confident about having to make important decisions.  The Socratic method of having to always be prepared because you never knew when you would be called upon by a professor to recite in a room full of classmates sounds sadistic, but it definitely serves its purpose in law and beyond. I quickly learned through that ordeal that I don’t give in to pressure easily. On top of that, God gifted me with a calm demeanor and keen insight even before I attended law school.


A second major transition happened about eleven years ago. One day one of my children started experiencing strange symptoms. My intuition told me that something was really off. We went from a weekend of family fun to the pediatrician who immediately referred us to the hospital. The diagnosis of an unexpected chronic health condition is life-changing. One day everything is normal and then the next day there is a new norm. This challenge taught me that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens. God gave grace and strength to balance this new way of life while building my faith big time. Balancing faith, marriage, motherhood, career, and everything in between worked until one day, the grace was no longer there. God warned me in a dream that it was no longer prudent that I continue to live this way. I sensed I was to resign my position at the law firm and start a solo practice. This would provide me the flexibility to take care of my responsibilities to God, family, and clients.


I learned that during times of leaving the familiar and creating a new norm, God provides just what we need for that season. Ever since that day eleven years ago, I can attest to God’s faithfulness in providing, protecting, and leading me to green pastures. Learning to trust God and depend upon Him in every challenge is a lifelong lesson.


Just when you think things in your life have settled down, sometimes that is not the case. In 2014, I went through another pretty significant life change. When a spouse decides they no longer desire to be joined in marriage to you, it stings and hurts to the core. This level of pain brings up so many questions with few answers. I could readily see God’s hand working in everything concerning the dissolution of the life we built together. There were unexplained blessings that were actually miracles. God provided special people to support throughout the process. I learned many life lessons but one lesson stood above the rest. I had to learn to be a good receiver. I was so accustomed to giving that I had never learned what it meant to be a good receiver. I learned that it is not a good idea to continue giving when your cup is low or running empty. When our cups are full, we can better serve from our overflow.


In the last several years, I have learned that life is a series of transitions. I am in a new chapter of using my voice to speak, write, mentor in order to help women live purposeful lives.  I have enjoyed learning more about who I really am and the gifts inside me just waiting to be shared.


I have resisted —big time— being seen and stepping out into uncharted waters. What comforts is knowing you are on an adventure with God. Even though it isn’t always easy, the transformation that has taken place has taken me to new levels of confidence. Learning how to live in a state of fearless abundance no matter what happens has resulted in more self love, peace, greater joy, and patience.



This photo was taken in 2013 when I was in the middle of the dissolution of my marriage. The Moores were in the middle of their own transition, leaving one ministry and listening for where God would send them on their next assignment. Today, the Moores are pastoring a thriving church. One Sunday, when I was too discouraged to attend my church, I visited Eric and Andrea’s church. I can remember going to the altar for prayer. This precious couple prayed for me at a time when I was powerless to utter the words for myself. At the time, the heartbreak was so heavy. Now, I look back on that season and I truly believe I was delivered, not divorced. Recently, I was invited to do some coaching at one of their women’s retreats. God is continuing to allow our paths to align for His purpose.




Your passion is people and seeing them grow and progress, and you’ve developed two courses to help people realize the promises of God. What has that process been like and is the course available online?



Camille: I absolutely am passionate about helping people live purposeful lives. I have written personal development curriculum for that purpose. All of my courses were written while I was in transition. The following courses are available online:  Health for a Leaders Soul is designed for group study with leaders of organizations. In a safe environment, leaders are invited to take time to slow down and assess whether they are living authentically and leading with integrity.  The Fearless Abundance course is about how to live free in and through transition. The course walks you through the steps to connecting with the abundance of God’s promises for every situation.    



If you feel God calling you away from something you think is a “good thing,” how should you respond?


Camille: Whenever God is calling us away from something we think is a good thing, in my experience it sometimes doesn’t make any logical sense. There are so many instances of that in the Bible: Abraham, Moses, Noah, Joshua, and the list goes on and on. We can’t ever fully know God’s timing, so we have to learn to trust that God knows something we don’t. Whenever I am ever unsure, I find it helpful to ask God to make it clear and He does give wisdom.   


When the Austin, Texas, chapter of 4word was in the planning stage, I was thrilled to be contacted by Susan Tolles and asked to join the advisory committee. Being a part of the launch team was such a privilege because it was one of the few times that I would get to rub elbows with professional women of faith. The idea that I could surround myself with and support professional women of faith was a dream come true. Just when things began to really get going, I sensed God telling me it was time to step away. It was difficult to explain why as I didn’t fully understand why God was leading me to step away. As time went by, I realized that God wanted me to set aside more time to rest and listen for His voice and instruction on how to move forward in my new chapter of life.  


If a change or transition is imminent, what should someone do to prepare and ensure that the experience is beneficial?


Camille: The art of learning how to hear God is the most important way to prepare and insure that the experience of change or transition is beneficial. One simple exercise is to stop, look, and listen for God’s voice. Setting aside time for silence, solitude, and rest is ideal to help you get rid of distractions. God speaks in such a still quiet voice and ways like dreams, music, people, articles, sermons, or even circumstances. You have to be tuned in and expect God to speak. He promises to lead and guide us in the way we should go. Don’t worry about any missteps, because God will always correct if need be.




From your personal experience, what are some tips you would share for anyone in the midst of a difficult and maybe major life change?


Camille: When you are in the midst of a difficult or major life change, we as Christians know that praying is always a wise first step, but there will be times when you feel like you can’t pray. The next best step is to not isolate. Negative emotions like guilt, shame, blame, and the like can leave you feeling hopeless and powerless. Force yourself to get out and be among people. You will get some comfort and relief just being in a positive environment.  


When you are alone, turn on praise music. It will silence the enemy, especially the negative thoughts rumbling in your mind. One trick that worked for me when I couldn’t get the negative thoughts to cease was to sing along to my favorite songs. You can’t sing and think negative thoughts at the same time! The music and lyrics, along with bellowing out the words from the song, raises your energy level.


I caution you to be careful who you talk to about your difficulty or challenge. Well-meaning friends will sometimes give unsolicited advice that may not be accurate for your situation. Ask Father God for wisdom and He will give it and provide you the help you need to support you through the challenge.  




Anything else you’d like to share?



Camille: I have noticed that the major painful, embarrassing or difficult challenges we encounter in life turn out to be the ones God uses to help others. On the night of the 4word launch when Diane Paddison shared her story of the pain of divorce and the challenges through her career, I was surprised. It was the very thing I needed to hear as I had just come through the same transition.  


I have to admit that when I first met Diane at lunch with the Austin leadership team, I had formed my own impression of what I thought her life to be compared to mine. After listening to Diane’s testimony, I went home and bawled my eyes out. Her courage to speak her truth helped me wipe away the shame, guilt and embarrassment of a failed marriage. I thank God for Diane, 4word, and getting to be a part of an organization that was part of my transformation.  





Camille K. Walker JD is a consultant, strategist with more than 25 years of experience in the legal and business industries.   Camille helps entrepreneurs strategically create businesses so they can earn what they want and have more time to enjoy their life.

Camille earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing at Texas Tech University and her law degree from University of Houston Law Center.  She has practiced law for more than 25 years with a diverse practice ranging from probate, disability and bankruptcy.  

She began her consulting business to help overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated professionals and small business owners create a life and business that works for them.   

For more information go to www.camillewalker.com




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