Do Emotions Have a Place at Work?

Do Emotions Have a Place at Work?

Do Emotions Have a Place at Work?




Have you ever gotten to work, pulled into the parking lot, and just sat in your car for a few moments wondering how you would make it through your work day? Your mind is swirling with worries about your child who isn’t doing great in classes this year. Or maybe you’re wondering how you’re going to get all the bills paid on time this month. Maybe your spouse let slip in a moment of anger the night before that your marriage doesn’t feel like it’s working anymore.


And now, sitting at your desk and performing the duties you were hired to perform feels like you’ve been asked to move Mount Everest to the left a few feet.


Another way your workday might be soured may be about to unfold. You might receive some feedback from your boss that seems way harsher than you deserve. Or maybe a coworker has decided that a misunderstanding between the two of you needs to become the dirty laundry aired to the rest of the office. Or maybe that morning meeting you’re about to head into will lead to a serious internal ethics battle that you’re unsure you can stand your ground against. Continuing your daily tasks like nothing is wrong seems like an impossible task, now.


We are all human. We will all deal with situations that will leave us emotionally compromised, yet we live lives that need our daily attention and jobs where we need to show up 100% of the time in order to make a living and provide for those in our lives. But how do you do that when all you want to do is cry, scream, argue, or walk away?


This month, we will learn what a healthy emotional balance looks like in the workplace. How do you respond when something negative is said about you by a superior? What is emotional fitness and how does it affect your spiritual health? Should you leave your personal situations in the car when you get to work? How do you avoid negative workplace emotions or experiences instead of allowing them to make their way back home with you and affect your relationships? We can’t wait for you to hear from some incredible women of God on the blog and podcast this month as we discuss this sensitive but necessary topic!


“Seek His Will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” Proverbs 3:6



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