It's Time To Say "Enough."

It’s Time To Say “Enough.”

How has your life simplified this month? Do you feel like you are facing each day with more intentionality? This notion of living simply and with intention really does bleed over into every area of your life. Some of us may need to simplify our work situation, others may need to simplify our financial obligations, and there are probably many of us that need to simplify our personal obligations.

We kicked off our discussion this month with Sandy Olsson sharing on the Work, Love, Pray podcast how she has utilized simple tactics to keep her life simplified, and how she follows an intentional path. Marie Kondo might have revolutionized the world of organizing your home, but her movement doesn’t have to stop there! Sandy talks about how to declutter your mind and your heart, too, and make sure that you are giving priority to what matters most to you.

In order to live intentionally, it is crucial that you have a solid direction for your life. Otherwise you will just be spinning around trying to make a difference and burning yourself out in a directionless pursuit. In regards to your career, a great way to “test the waters” and determine if you are, in fact, on the right path is to go through an internship. Whether you’re still in college or well into a career, investing in an internship is an impactful investment in your future. Three of 4word’s past interns shared about their time in the 4word Internship Program and how going through that program helped them not only develop new professional skills but also brought them closer to God’s plan for their lives.

In her many years in corporate America and balancing work with family and friends, Diane Paddison has come up against the struggle to live with intention many times. This month, she wrote about how working with a coach helped her to identify the top three priorities for her life, which in turn helped her categorize her time and use it wisely. It’s not always an easy practice and there are definitely times you will have to regroup, but going through the steps Diane outlined are well worth the time!

A common theme that emerged in this month’s conversation was priorities. They are the backbone to our lives and we can so easily neglect them. What do you value most? Do your days invigorate you? Do you even know what brings you joy?

“So whether we are at home or away, we make it our aim to please him.”

2 Corinthians 5:9

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the thought of simplifying your life, that’s a great indicator that you desperately need to. Here’s an easy place to get started: what do you do that brings honor to God? Write down those actions or obligations and that’s your starting point for creating a plan to live intentionally. God deserves top rung on the ladder of your life, and every rung leading up to the top should provide a firm foothold for you to successfully reach Him every day.

If you ever feel yourself sinking back into the crazy pace life, it’s OK. You haven’t failed! To fail would be to allow yourself to stay stuck in the rut of driving tirelessly toward an unfulfilling life. Recognizing that you need to slow down and reprioritize your life is a big step in the right direction. If you need help along the way, you know the 4word community is full of people just like you. Connect on our social media platforms or, if you’re really wanting to make a change, sign up to be part of the 4word Mentor Program. 4word is here to help you achieve your God-given potential with confidence. Don’t let something like a hefty to-do list deprive you of that.