Give What God Has Given You to Share — A letter from Diane Paddison

Dear reader,

This week is a big week for 4word — Giving Week. As you look forward to the opportunity to choose where to give the time, talent, and treasure that God has blessed you with, I want to remind you of the continued stories of the LIFE CHANGING work of 4word and the 4word Mentor Program. The LIFE CHANGING work of this organization falls into three areas: “work”, relationships or “love”, and spiritual impact or “pray” in these women’s lives.

Every year during this week, I am reminded of how many amazing stories have come out of 4word over the past seven years. First, the story of Liz Bohannon and Sseko Designs brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The number of women who attend college in Uganda tripled in 2017 due to the 4word Mentor Program. God used 4word to impact a 4word mentee’s work.  

How did this happen? I met Liz in 2011, two years after she started Sseko Designs. Since that time, Liz and her husband, Ben, have become dear friends. God used me as an informal mentor in Liz’s life, and then used the 4word Mentor Program. Liz was paired with her mentor Julie to help Liz prepare Sseko for the first round of funding. Through that relationship, Julie gave Liz access to three CEOs of multilevel marketing companies who helped her transform her business model in 2016 to what is now referred to as the Fellow’s Program. Sseko’s business tripled in 2017 resulting in THREE TIMES MORE WOMEN having jobs at Sseko and going to college in Uganda. Talk about a ripple effect! Liz shared this story at this year’s Global Leadership Summit, which you can watch here.

Second, I remember when I received the Facebook post from Jennifer Johnson, telling me that her marriage had been RESTORED because of her 4word mentor, Carolyn. An outcome restoring a “relationship or love”. This had a ripple effect through generations. Jennifer’s video version of her story always brings tears to my eyes.  

Last of all, I remember Madison, a mentee from class 21 of the 4word Mentor Program, who shared that Peju, her mentor, had helped her grow spiritually by challenging her to pray for wisdom through work situations. Madison testified on her class’s closing call that her work outcomes had changed. We regularly hear about spiritual growth and encouragement as a result of the pairings in the 4word Mentor Program. It’s something that, I feel, sets our program apart from other programs out there.

I share these memories in the hope that they remind you that giving your time, talent, and treasure to support God’s work through 4word is LIFE CHANGING for thousands of women, so keep giving what God has given you to share.


Diane Paddison

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