Christmas Myths You Might Believe

Your weekly roundup :: December 16 – 20

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

Giving Does (and Should) Involve Some Planning

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the doing and giving this time of year? Ignore the pressure that says your gifts have to look or be a certain way. Ask God where He wants to you to give, says author Kim King. Read this week’s blog for more giving tips!

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Listen to Episode 15 now!

Melissa Hinnant, owner of Grace and Lace and a Shark Tank entrepreneur, talks about why she built an entire business centered on her desire to always give. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Why women in their 40s, 50s and beyond are a force to be reckoned with in the workplace

Halley Bondy with NBC News interviews Ginny Brzezinski and Mika Brzezinski to get their insight on why women encounter ageism more than men in the workplace.

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A Christmas Date

Erin and Greg Smalley with Focus on the Family share a date idea that will give you the opportunity to invest as a couple in the well-being of someone else.

Christianity, faith, spiritual walk, relationship with God

9 Common Myths Christians Believe at Christmas

Shane Pruitt with Relevant Magazine lists a few myths that have been added to the greatest story ever told.

Listen to Molly Fletcher podcast on gratitude

We love this episode from Molly Fletcher on cultivating joy, gratitude, and connection in our daily lives. She interviews SoulPancake CEO, Shabnam Mogharabi, who discusses being intentional about tuning into joy in our daily lives and the power of tackling tough conversations.

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