Where Do You Want 2020 To Take You?

Happy New Year! We really are so excited for 2020. Big things are happening on the blog and over on our podcast, so we’re anxious to get started and see what you think!

For 2020, we really wanted to share the amazing stories and voices of our 4word women. Each month, you’ll get to read weekly interview with women connected to the 4word community through one of our Local Groups or the 4word Mentor Program. These women are the living, breathing examples of 4word’s mission, so we wanted to give them the spotlight and let their stories encourage you each week! On the 4word podcast, Work, Love, Pray, we are coming to you twice a month now with more real conversations with women just like you dealing with situations and changes pertinent to you. Be sure to subscribe through your listening platform of choice!

To begin this new year and decade, we couldn’t think of a better conversation than finding purpose in your life. January feels like the first day of school. You have everything in front of you and you stand in the exciting but scary position to choose the direction of the next 12 months. Will you move forward with confidence or are you struggling to step over the start line?

“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”

proverbs 20:5

If the first item on your 2020 to-do list is to figure out what exactly you are doing, we think you’ll enjoy this month’s batch of blogs. Hear from women just like you about how they found their purpose, found their worth, and overcame the fear that can sometimes accompany a new or different life’s purpose.