How to Love Your Neighbor in 2020

Your weekly roundup :: January 13 – 17

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

Fear and Insecurity Don’t Play Favorites

Life never really goes as planned, does it? This week on the blog, we’re talking to Courtney Watson, aspiring writer, accountant for the Nashville Predators, and a leader of our 4word: Nashville group. Courtney shares about her emergency brain surgery and how that journey through fear helped her embrace a new-found purpose.

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Listen to Episode 2 now!

Lori Berry, a woman in finance and co-founder of 4word: Southlake, joins the podcast to talk about ruts in life and how to pull yourself out of them. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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“Hire me because I’m the best, not because I’m a woman.”

Laura Wilbanks writes on the World Economic Forum blog with her thoughts on where workplace diversity still needs work.

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Physical Attraction: Why Your Type Isn’t Always Good For You

Debra Fileta with True Love Dates shares part of a chapter out of her new book, Love In Every Season.

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Love Your Neighbor in the New Year: Answer Their Emails and Texts

Jen Pollock Michel with Christianity Today discusses why we should both protect our time and be generous with it, in order to be like Jesus. 

Watch Pat Asp, 4word Board Member, on God@Work

Rich Marshall with God@Work featured 4word Board Member Pat Asp on his program, where she had the chance to talk about core values and 4word.

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