Why Women Read the Bible More Than Men Do

Your weekly roundup :: September 7 – 11

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

Join us next week for 4word’s Giving Week

4word Giving Week begins next week! Please mark your calendar for Sept 14-18 to help support women in the workplace. 100% of donations go directly to provide one on one mentoring through our Mentor Programs, authentic community through our Community Groups, and inspiration through our Digital Content. Even a small donation can make a big impact. If your company matches employee donations, be sure to let them know. We also accept gifts of stock.

Choosing Confidence Over Cockiness As a Leader

UNWAVERING self-assurance. Unshakable faith in your mission. Where does it come from? We asked Nicole Arnold, a former lobbyist and 4word mentor, to share what she’s learned about choosing confidence and cultivating leadership minus any cockiness.

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Listen to Episode 17 now!

Jill Perrin, an executive coach and a 4word mentor from Dallas, Texas, shares best practices for learning to be more confident and why vulnerability is a big determiner in whether or not you’ll succeed. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Hollywood Discovers Faith & Values Improve the Bottom Line

Theodore Baer with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics dives deep into how the number of movies with strong faith and values has increased 470%.

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Women Read the Bible More Than Men. Why?

Halee Gray Scott with Christianity Today dives into a recent study by Barna and American Bible Society about the differences between men and women when it comes to reading the Bible.

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Why Doubt Can Give You Hope

Lee Strobel writes for Relevant Magazine about doubt and three misunderstandings we may have about it.

Listen to Peloton’s Ally Love on Using Conversation as a Catalyst for Change

Listen as Molly Fletcher chats with Ally Love on Game Changers with Molly Fletcher about how to keep people engaged in a virtual environment, her approach to tough conversations, and how she’s successfully built a multi-dimensional career. (Molly will be the 2021 4word Gala interviewerclick here for more information!)

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