Should More Women Aspire to Be Like Amy Coney Barrett?

Your weekly roundup :: October 19 – 23

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

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Stop Judging Others to Make Yourself Feel Comfortable

Brittany Prather, leader of 4word: Twin Cities and panelist in the Candid Conversations – Racial Reconciliation series, shares how being bi-racial has helped her come to terms with her own judging tendencies and learn to seek a common identity with others.

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Listen to Episode 20 now!

On this episode, Lauren, a 4word mentor living in Miami, graciously talks about how the death of her grandfather was made even more unbearable by years-long rifts within her family and how she is working to help her loved ones find unity.

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women in the workplace, career advice, Christians in the workplace

How Much Zoom Is Too Much?

MatchPace shares insight on how clear norms around video calls can keep us working well remotely for the long haul.

relationships, dating, singleness, Christian dating, Christian relationships, parenting

Why Only Amy Coney Barrett Gets to Have It All

Katelyn Beaty writes for The New York Times and dives into why more girls from conservative Christian traditions aren’t encouraged to be like Judge Barrett.

Christianity, faith, spiritual walk, relationship with God

Your Purpose Is Not Your Job

Liz Henderson with Relevant Magazine discusses why our purpose is all about tapping into the unique gifts God has given us, finding a way to live those out here on earth and, in the process, bring glory to Him.

What Does ‘No’ Mean to You?

Listen to Molly Fletcher’s interview on Matthew Del Negro’s podcast, 10,000 Nos, where she talks about why your comfort zone is a dangerous place to be and why “no” is just feedback.

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