What Rosa Parks Can Teach You About Love at Work

Your weekly roundup :: February 8 – 12

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

Side Hustles and How to Make Them Work

Molly Smith, Chief Client Officer at HundredX with a side hustle as a health coach, talks about her journey to pursuing a side hustle and the one thing you have to have in order to make your side hustle work (and potentially lucrative!).

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Listen to Season 3: Episode 3 now!

Molly Fletcher joins the podcast to talk about entrepreneurship, how to identify what you’re chasing in your career and life, and how to make sure you balance your ambition with your values.

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How To Support Workers of Color During Covid-19 (and Beyond)

Danielle Campoamor with Woman’s Day lists ten things we can all do to support workers of color on our teams.

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What Rosa Parks’ Legacy Means for Love at Work

Caroline Cross with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics encourages us, as children of God, to follow the legacy of Rosa Parks to treat our enemies as friends, even in the face of injustice and hate.

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The Church in the Digital Age: Ways the Church Can Step into Digital

Josh Laxton with Christianity Today answers the question: “How can the Church embrace the digital age during COVID-19?”

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