Three Explanations for Why God is So Angry in the Old Testament

Your weekly roundup :: August 9 – 13

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

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To Get Out of Debt, Stop Presuming the Future

Mary Hunt, founder of Debt-Proof Living and the author of The Smart Woman’s Guide to Planning for Retirement, shares what the single most important financial planning “thing” to do this year is, and you’ve probably already guessed what it is: get out of debt.

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Listen to the latest Work, Love, Pray episode with Judy A. Hulsey!

On this episode, Judy A. Hulsey, a private wealth advisor with Ronald Blue Trust, shares her advice for planning for the future, no matter where you are in life.

Our work, love, pray favorites

women in the workforce women in the workplace

Women Take Hit on Retirement as They Exit the Workforce

David Rice with HR Exchange shares recent data from Fidelity that shows just how drastic and far-reaching the pandemic will affect the livelihood of women as they head into retirement.

relationships dating singleness Christian dating Christian relationships parenting

How to help youngsters build post-lockdown friendships

Inside Croydon shares three areas in which parents can help bolster their children to create strong friendships as we emerge from pandemic situations.

Christianity faith spiritual walk relationship with God

Why Is the God of the Old Testament So Angry?

Thomas Christianson writes for Relevant Magazine and lists three explanations for why God is noticeably angrier in the Old Testament than in the New Testament.

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Listen to the latest episode of the Mentoring Monday radio show, featuring LaDonna Slade.

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