How to Guide Others Towards a Future of Success and Faith

Our women-of-faith organization invites you to become a mentor and join our community of women

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:16

4word invites you to Become A Mentor to a rising leader and make a difference within our community of women. We pride ourselves in providing a foundation that helps women in the workplace reach their God-given potential by walking alongside them through their spiritual, relational, and professional decisions. 

God has never intended us to walk through life alone. As a mentor, you would be a vital source of confidence and encouragement, helping guide others to look towards the future with hope and faith, instead of fear and uncertainty. By building friendships outside their usual industry circles, we find that women from 25 to beyond 65 are becoming equally engaged in every 4word Community Group, forming rewarding relationships with the help of 4word staff and communication tools.

Instead, He directs us towards relationships—a place where we receive the encouragement we need to take our next life steps with confidence that there is purpose within His plans.

We created the 4word Mentor Program because we have met too many Christian women in the workplace who feel isolated. The program springs from our central mission: to connect, lead, and support women in the workplace to achieve their God-given potential with confidence. 

Here is why 4word is important:

We truly believe connecting women through mentoring relationships is one of the most valuable ways we can fulfill this mission. And as the largest network of Christian women in the workplace, we are in the best position to serve as mentorship matchmakers.

Our current team of mentees has an ever-expanding network of talented mentors, dedicated to the mission of connecting through authentic, Christ-like relationships to provide wisdom and direction for our global community of women. Their collective experience spans almost every industry, at every level. They have personally grappled with core life issues including work-life balance, singleness, marital conflict, infertility, inter-office politics, crisis of faith, and more.

In a recent podcast from Rick Tocquigny, “Success Made to Last Mentoring Monday with 4wordwomen Pricella Nunez Stringer,” Stringer discusses the hardships of balancing her faith with her actions as a working, Christian woman. Stringer, a professional and personal development coach who enjoys mentoring small business owners and female entrepreneurs seeking to grow businesses online, explains that they have to go hand-in-hand. She elaborates by stating it is imperative to follow your own intentions and own purpose within the actions you take at the workplace. She believes that when faith and action are separated, confusion and despair start to develop and that is often the point where people begin to feel lost. 

“It is important that we do what we feel is important to us, to be mindful of what is brought to us in our prayer time, and then take action based on that,” says Stringer. 

If you are a professional woman of faith who desires to volunteer your time and talent to provide mentoring to an emerging leader, you would be the perfect addition to our mentor team!

4word provides flexible session tools and guidelines for a 10-week program.

Our resources serve women of many faith backgrounds, though we can’t guarantee specific matches in areas of faith, business experience, location or other characteristics.

If you are interested in applying to become a 4word Mentor, please click the button below and fill out our Mentor Application. A member of our team will review your information* and contact you for next steps after the next deadline.

If you have any questions, please email Trina at