Top Blogs for Professional Christian Women in 2021

As we wrap up 2021 and look forward to 2022, we went back through all of our weekly blogs from the past 12 months to see which ones resonated the most. Below are the top 10 blogs for professional Christian women from the 4word blog in 2021. See if your favorite made the list!

#1: Here’s Why You Feel Guilty About Resting (And How You Can Stop)

Do you feel guilty for wanting a break? Read more about why you feel that guilt when it comes to rest and how to better prioritize rest.

#2: Why It’s So Hard to ‘Let Go and Let God’

4word: Houston leader Tana Deshayes explains why she thinks Christians struggle to let go of their difficulties and hand control over to God.

#3: Why You Should Have a Personal Board of Directors

Kristen Stockton, a business performance consultant, executive coach, and chair of 4word: Washington D.C., is here to tell you how to create your own personal board of directors and we promise, it’s as great as you’re imagining!

#4: A Former KPMG Executive’s Advice (And Appreciation) for Keeping Life Simple

Melisa Denis, former Global Lead Partner of KPMG, shares how retirement has helped her appreciate keeping herself and her family focused on what really matters over the years.

#5: Why We Get Bored Studying the Bible

LaDonna Slade, speaker and coach, shares a simple four-step fix to studying the Bible in a way that makes it easy to keep going!

#6: When Anxiety Becomes an Identity, Not Just a Feeling

We invited podcast guest, Dr. Deb Gorton, back to talk with us about anxiety and how to keep it from becoming part of your identity.

#7: Why a Pandemic Is a Good Time To Find a New Job

Jess Sato, business coach and co-founder of 2 Smart Girls, shares why she believes the pandemic (or any time of transition) is actually a good time to act on switching jobs or industries.

#8: You are Perfectly Made

4word founder Diane Paddison invites all of us to meditate on three Biblical truths all centered around one central theme: you are perfectly made.

#9: Insecurity: The Biggest Threat to Inner Strength

Catherine Gates, Executive Director for Women in the Marketplace, guides us through the idea that our lack of inner strength and resilience stems from allowing insecurity to win, and how we can rally against that insecurity to win back our drive.

#10: Pressure to Be the Perfect Christian

Diane Paddison encourages Christians to step out of the pressure to “put on a show” at church and just let go and be honest in your Christian walk.

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