Are You One of The Women Dealing With The ‘Exhaustion Gap?’

Your weekly roundup :: March 14 – 18

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

How to Accept Good (and Bad) Advice as a Professional

Annette Stewart, Director, Royal Bank of Canada, shares where to seek out advice when you need input on a decision or situation, and what you should do with feedback (good or bad) when it’s given to you.

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NEW episode – Part 1 of Jennifer Jackson’s story

This month, we’re sharing the story of Jennifer Jackson. A self-called latchkey child, Jennifer quickly became outgoing, inclusive, and entrepreneurial but still felt like she was missing something.

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Women Are Suffering From An ‘Exhaustion Gap’ According To New Study

Kim Elsesser writes for Forbes about a recent study that found a whopping 68% of U.S. women experienced burnout in the previous seven days, while only 50% of U.S. men reported the same.

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Three women, one airplane journey, and an unexpected friendship

Francesca Street with CNN shares a heart-warming story of a friendship born out of total chance.

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Escaping the Comparison Trap

Margaret Feinberg with Relevant Magazine shares a devotional with advice and a prayer for those struggling with comparing their lives to others’.

Listen to the latest Mentoring Monday show featuring Christa Vanzant!

Christa Vanzant shares invaluable mentoring and mentee tips on the “silent retreat.” It is extremely important to unplug, breathe, rest and take care of yourself. Be more intentional with your life and know when to take breaks at peak moments of stress.

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