How God Demonstrates His Faithfulness Through Ordaining Our Afflictions

Your weekly roundup :: June 27 – July 1

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

What’s That in Your Hand?

We wrap up this month’s discussion on what you need to empower you on your journey, and it all comes down to what’s in your hand.

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NEW episode – Listen to Part 2 of Danelle Radney’s story

Listen to Part 2 of Danelle Radney‘s journey to learning to hit “pause” on her drive and make sure that she was still following God’s roadmap for her life.

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Our work, love, pray favorites

women in the workforce women in the workplace

Gender gaps in retirement readiness and financial know-how persist

Sarah O’Brien with CNBC shares a recent study which shows that on average, men are saving more for retirement than their female counterparts.

relationships dating singleness Christian dating Christian relationships parenting

How To Mindfully Navigate The End Of A Friendship

Nikolina Ilic with Women’s Health discusses how to navigate the trickiness and heartache of ending a friendship and shares a mindfulness tool to help bring compassion to the situation.

Christianity faith spiritual walk relationship with God

‘In Faithfulness You Have Afflicted Me’

Jon Bloom with Desiring God presents three stories that illustrate three ways God mercifully manifested his faithfulness to his beloved children through ordaining their afflictions.

Listen to the latest Mentoring Monday show featuring Naomi Inman!

Success Made to Last Mentoring Monday focuses on setting Godly examples and being role models. Hear from Naomi Inman, a very experienced mentor and counselor.

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