A Grateful Look Back on 2022 with Diane Paddison

At 4word, we are grateful every day for the many hands and hearts that help us further our mission to guide and empower 10 million women in the workplace to change the world by 2030. As we look forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow, our founder, Diane Paddison, wanted to share her thanks for everyone that has had a hand in making 2022 an amazing year of reaching more Christian women in the workplace.

Each year I have the opportunity to share what God puts on my heart to highlight that warms me all over with gratitude when I reflect on this year. The key themes of my gratitude fall into the areas of CommunityTechnology, and Leadership.

The sweet text that I received this summer from Hope Dmuchowski sums up the importance of the 4word community. These three women met June of 2021 at the Executive Women 4Christ Forum.

“I want to share what a beautiful sisterhood 4word brings into people’s lives. Nicole texted Cynthia and I on Friday. She was called to her father’s nursing home because he only had a few hours left… she texted us later to let us know he passed.  We have been loving on her all weekend!!! 4word brings people together in community so in their moments of human pain they have sisters in Christ they lean on. 4word is so much more than you  could have ever dreamed! Thank you, 4word, for bringing me and so many other sisters in Christ love, faith, and friends.“ 

– Hope Dmuchowski

Secondly, Technology has enabled 4word to bring women together that normally wouldn’t be able to together. It has also provided the opportunity to be more efficient and effective in serving our clients, thus, using our donors’ investment well. With 4word’s digital content, Mandarin and Spanish translated blogs are reaching two huge audiences. 4word’s Global Virtual Community Group lead by Melissa Peak, has included women from South Korea, Singapore, England, etc. Lastly, we witnessed the testimony of the 4word Mentor Program pair of Laura Sanchez from Japan and Fabi Howard from Dallas over zoom at 4word’s luncheon celebrating our donors.

Last of all, God has provided an amazing group of leaders: 4word Board members, Advisory Board members, Staff, Community Group Leaders, Mentors, Gala volunteers, etc. Today, we have 375 people giving of their time and talent to share the Jesus Christ with women in the workplace and help them reach their God-given potential with confidence. As Heidi Rasmussen, Chair, 4word Board would say, “Who wouldn’t want a little bit of that?” I am especially grateful for Kathryn Tack who eagerly lead our Executive Women 4Christ (EW4C) Community Group for five years. These women are the backbone of 4word.

Many of you provided funds to support the mission of 4word so that we can guide and empower 10 million women in the workplace to change the world by 2030, including many individuals, corporations, foundations and firms like TOYOTA, Swallowtail Group, Locke Lord, The Buford Foundation, the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust and 442 more. I am so grateful for your generosity.

To God be the glory!

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