4word Friday Faves: Team Christmas Favorites!

Need help finding the perfect gift for the professional woman in your life?

As everyone prepares for Christmas, we thought it would be fun to share some of the things the 4word team loves and thinks other women like us might enjoy, too. Take a peek at what we came up with!

Diane recommends: 4word-branded Business Bible

The 4word-branded Business Bible is the perfect gift for a 4word woman. The impact it will have on businesses in today’s marketplace will be huge.

Marion recommends: Aroma 360 Essential Oils and Diffuser

One of my favorite gifts to give is a diffuser and a gift card to my favorite source for amazing scented oils. I found this source years ago when trying to locate the scent that is used in Hotel W in Miami! I came across a company that creates the scents for multiple hotels (Aroma 360) and I’ve been enjoying and gifting their products since then. I’m super aware of how places smell and I love how the scent in a place can set or alter the entire mood.

Laura recommends: A donation in someone’s honor

I would recommend a donation in your friend/family member’s honor to their favorite charity or a charity of your choice. Also, airline miles or hotel points or gift cards for both to travel with.

Molly recommends: Capri Blue candles

Candles are my go-to when it comes to a thoughtful or last-minute gift. This fragrance is iconic and the containers are beautiful and will suit any decor. There is something for everyone –diffusers, candles, beauty, home care etc. As the seasons change capri BLUE also carries seasonal fragrances with beautiful containers. This year I am in love with their pumpkin dulce fragranced candle. It is a winner!

Trina recommends: Every Moment Holy liturgies

I’ve found the Every Moment Holy liturgies to be a gift of words for both the ordinary and the hard. They have been a balm for my soul and a great gift for others. The pocket editions are a great size.

Jordan recommends: Bible Study for each Enneagram number

I love giving (and getting) gifts that feel like they’ve been really thought through. What better way to do that than giving a gift that speaks directly to someone’s entire character? I have loved my Enneagram 6 Bible study and would highly recommend to any number!