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When It’s All Too Much

Oh June, where did you go? This month has been full as we discussed finding joy, even in the midst of the least joyful situations you could imagine. We are all struggling with something. Some of us deal with more struggles, but every one of us… Read More

Suffering Can Bring Joy

I’ve been deeply moved by the stories of joy shared by real, passionate, faithful women in the workplace in the midst of suffering this month as we explore the topic of “joy.” This has been a struggle for my own family as my daughter, Annie, has… Read More

Finding Joy After Losing a Child

When Anna Bauereis’ son Alexei was tragically killed in 2016, she and her family were plunged into a world of questions, doubting God and wondering where to go next. And yet today, Anna is full of joy and seeks to use her life to impact others.… Read More

Why Is It So Hard to Find Joy?

"Are you joyful?" Have you been asked that recently? Have you ever been asked that? You're asked if you're happy, but that's not the same as joyful. In fact, in order to be truly happy, you need joy. We can feel a temporary happiness, but… Read More

Enjoyment: The Ultimate Source

Over the past three weeks, we've written about enjoyment: what brings you joy, how to live in the moment, and wondering if enjoyment is "easier said than done." Were you able to make time for joy this month, to take in the words written on the 4word blogs… Read More

Enjoyment: Easier Said Than Done?

This month, we’ve talked about enjoyment and how we can add a little more enjoyment to our daily lives in the midst of hectic schedules and the demands of work and family. But is making enjoyment a priority easier said than done? Here are three tips I’ve discovered… Read More

Enjoyment: Live in the Moment

When was the last time you slowed down and really enjoyed something? For many women, this is a luxury we feel we said goodbye to back in our school years! So how do we invite that joyfulness back into our lives in the midst of everything else we’re… Read More

Enjoyment: What Brings You Joy?

What brings joy in your life? What activity recharges your batteries? What makes you laugh?Brightens your day? Makes your life fun and fulfilling? Stop and answer those questions. Seriously, right now. Do it. Were you able to quickly identify the things that you enjoy in your… Read More