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Interview: Lyn Cook

This week, we’d like to draw your attention to a wonderful ministry called Priority Associates. They are a branch of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) that serves professional men and women. Priority Associates is active in 22 U.S. cities as well as in London. For our interview,… Read More

Interview: Justine Elyse Green

Instead of interviewing a woman who has “been there” this week, we’re doing things a bit differently. We talked to Justine Elyse Green who, at 25, is just beginning her career. When Justine emailed Diane to tell her how reading Work, Love, Pray blessed her life, we emailed… Read More

Interview: Bonnie Wurzbacher

This week’s interview features Bonnie Wurzbacher, Senior Vice President, Global Customer & Channel Leadership, The Coca-Cola Company. Bonnie began her career in 1984 as a national account executive at the Minute Maid division of The Company. Now, she is a passionate advocate for the role of ethical, sustainable… Read More

What are you thankful for?

Hello there! In case you haven’t noticed, our blog this week is Thanksgiving themed. A tradition that my family started several years ago is to go around the table before we eat our Thanksgiving dinner and share something we are thankful for. I thought I’d take a fun… Read More

Interview: Lisa Whittle

Authenticity. It’s something we simultaneously fear and crave, and something we don’t like to admit is a struggle for us. It’s also something that Lisa Whittle often writes about. Her latest book, w{hole}, talks about the holes in our lives and how God uses them to make us… Read More

Interview: Marian Jordan

We all know that plenty of what we see in the media is neither wholesome nor uplifting, but how do we deal with that? How do we live “in but not of” the world? This week, we talk to Marian Jordan, author of Sex and the City Uncovered… Read More

Interview: Susan DiMickele

We have an exciting announcement for you today! On Tuesday of next week, we will launch the first Work, Love, Pray online book club. We’ll be hosting the club every Tuesday on our blog, and the discussion will be led by Susan DiMickele. (For those of you just… Read More

Interview: Judy Douglass

God uses many circumstances in our lives to stretch our faith, and parenting is one of them. Sometimes, no matter how hard we strive to be godly mothers, our children turn their backs on God. They become prodigals. It can be a painful journey, and it’s one that… Read More

Interview: Ally Spotts, Part 2

If you follow our Twitter, you may have noticed that we retweet a lot of what Ally Spotts writes. We won’t apologize for that, because her posts are always honest and insightful. One of her most frequent topics is relationships, which is why we saved the second part… Read More

Interview: Rachel Cruze

Many of you have probably heard about Dave Ramsey and his popular personal finance course, “Financial Peace University.” Did you know that his daughter, Rachel Cruze, is also an expert on personal finance? She grew up watching her parents manage their money, and she’s now putting those same… Read More

Interview: Jennie Allen

Have you ever felt stuck, maybe by a situation at work, a tough relationship or a besetting sin you just couldn’t conquer? Jennie Allen felt the same way. That’s why she wrote Stuck, a new Bible study experience for women. Here’s what Jennie had to say about the… Read More

Interview: Katie Reiff

On Monday, Diane told us about the importance of female friendships. Yesterday, we talked to Katie Reiff, one of the four founders of 4word Portland, about her relationship with the other three 4word Portland girls and what difference those friendships have made in her life. -------------------- 4word: How… Read More

More from Shaunti Feldhahn, Part 2

Welcome back! This is the final post in our interview with author Shaunti Feldhahn. Two weeks ago, we talked to Shaunti about the differences in the ways men and women relate to each other outside the office. Today, we’re discussing what those differences are in the office. If… Read More

More from Shaunti Feldhahn, Part 1

Two weeks ago, we interviewed Shaunti Feldhahn about her book For Women Only. This week, we’re sharing the latter part of that interview about her latest book, For Women Only in the Workplace.  -------------------- 4word: You state in your book that for women to understand how men think… Read More

Interview: Ally Spotts

This week, we are interviewing one of our own! Ladies, meet Ally Spotts. She’s a writer, blogger and member of the 4word Portland group. Last week, Ally took time out of her writing schedule to talk to us about where she is in her faith journey right now.… Read More

Interview: Shaunti Feldhahn, Part 2

Welcome back, everyone. We’re continuing our conversation with author Shaunti Feldhahn about her book For Women Only. If you missed the first part of our interview, you can find it here. Otherwise, read on! -------------------- 4word: Can you give us an example of an insight from the book… Read More

Interview: Shaunti Feldhahn, Part 1

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on inside your father’s/boyfriend’s/husband’s/son’s head, you are not alone. Last week, we talked to Shaunti Feldhahn about her book For Women Only: What You Need to Know about the Inner Lives of Men. Her book has sold millions of copies and is… Read More

Interview: Andrea Lucado, Part 2

Last Wednesday, we shared part of our interview with Andrea Lucado. Today, we’re posting the second half. We’ll learn how Andrea started working at a company she loved in a job she hated, and how she worked with her supervisor to find a position that was a better… Read More

Interview: Andrea Lucado, Part 1

For this week’s interview, we spoke with Andrea Lucado, a young 20-something who works for Thomas Nelson Publishing in Nashville. Andrea told us about some of the questions she has been wrestling with as societal norms for romantic relationships change. -------------------- 4word: In what ways do you think… Read More

Interview: Cathleen Falsani, Part Two

Welcome back everyone! For those of you who missed part one of our interview with Cathleen Falsani, here’s a quick summary: Cathleen writes about religion and pop culture, and she has a new book coming out this September about Justin Bieber. Earlier today, she shared with us what… Read More