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The Secret to Effective Mentorship

Glenna Flokstra, Chief of Operations for 4 The World Resource Distributors (4WRD), talks with us about her passion for mentorship and its potential impact on the mentor and mentees lives, if one simple "secret" is followed.

9 Min Read
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Find Your Workplace ‘Voice’

L. Marie Trotter, owner of L. Marie LLC, coaches all of us on how to discover your voice and how to train yourself to use it in the workplace in a way that positively benefits you and those you influence.

5 Min Read
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Choosing Confidence Over Cockiness As a Leader

Nicole Arnold, Communications and Public Affairs Manager for an electric cooperative in Asheboro, NC, and a former lobbyist, talks about how she has learned to choose confidence while starting and building her career in politics.

8 Min Read
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